Are You Growing or You Think You Are Part Four

Growth can be seen as an increase in value. When the number of people you are helping increases, you are growing. This shows that your value is increasing. Some people become valuable because of the position that they hold. If you became the president of your country, many will come to get help from you. That position gives you the power to be of value to many. You can use the power to help people or abuse the power and destroy lives.

As believers, we have the most important position in the world, seated at the right hand of God our Father (Ephesians 2:6). This is a very powerful place to be. Only those who are ignorant of it or indifferent to it will not be of value to others.

There are things you will do in your office that people in your field will look for you. You can also do things in your locality that the locals of the area will look for you. But there is something you will do that everyone will look for you. That is the value I am talking about. All men looked for Jesus both the rich and the poor; the healthy and the sick (Mark1:37). He had no earthly position. He knew who he was in the spirit.

You are not to be of value just to your colleagues in the office or your family members at home. What of the people that are not related to you? What of the people that can never pay you back if you help them? Jesus walked up to an impotent man that nobody gave attention to for 38 years to offer help. That man walked in the end because someone exercised the power within him (John 5:7-9).

It is not the official position that changes lives, it is the person in that position that changes lives. A person of value does not start with serving himself, it starts with the decision to be a blessing rather than a burden. There are poor people who were of immense help to a rich person. You forget that some rich people started off poor but were rich in helping others. How do you think they became rich?

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Adunu Kelly kaka
Adunu Kelly kaka
2 years ago

Smile… Love this