A righteous man has tremendous power within him. It is this same righteous man that is also called the light of the world. To light up the world, you have got to have enough power to do that. We do, for God is in us. Countless lives are connected to us one way or the other around the globe. It will be a waste to just use this power on just meeting our daily needs. The power within us is for changing the world and not just changing our own world. It is time to arouse the power within us and start to quench the darkness upon the face of the earth. Your victory is a living force, it is not sleeping. It is looking for every avenue to express itself. When Jesus was going to heal the sick, cast out devils or raise the dead, he was not doing it to show what God can do but rather to show what God can do through a man. Let us awake to this reality. God wants to use you. But you have to be aware of your rights and privileges as a righteous man in Christ.

1 Corinthians 15:34a (KJV)

34  AWAKE to righteousness, and sin not;

 One of our rights is continuous victory.

1 Corinthians 15:57 (KJV)

57  But thanks be to God, which GIVETH US THE VICTORY through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our victory is not once in a while or some days but every day. Since it is perpetual you can give up every excuse that is related to being average or living in defeat. If you are not happy with where you are or where you are going then it’s time for you to open your eyes and see this victory. Some believers are not seeing much of this victory. With unlimited power at our disposal, why are we still struggling? We are not conscious of this power. The average believer thinks that the power is just enough to meet my need and my family needs. We do not need such poverty mentality in the kingdom of God. Anything God gives us is in abundance.If you have a generator in your house, that generator may be off but it has power in it. Once it is switched on the power becomes available for the whole house. The capacity of generator determines what it can carry.

The bigger the generator, the more devices or equipment you can put on it. Imagine having a generator that can carry ten residential houses and all you are using it for is to watch TV. Do you know what this is called? In scripture it is called little faith. In Matthew 6:25-30, it was talking about not worrying about what you shall eat or drink. Applying it in today’s culture, it is talking about not worrying about our basic needs. If all you are worrying about is how you can meet your basic needs, vs. 30 says you are person of little faith. Stop using all the power that God has given you just for yourself, it is for the world. The time has come to stop focusing on how you can look better than your neighbor but rather how you can change your neighborhood. We make the power we have available when we pray.

James 5:16b (KJV)

16 The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

Amplified says:

16 The heartfelt and persistent prayer of a righteous man (believer) can accomplish much [when put into action and made effective by God—IT IS DYNAMIC AND CAN HAVE TREMENDOUS POWER].

In the new covenant our prayer language is tongues which is as a result of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. When we are baptized by the Holy Spirit, we receive unlimited power. Unlike generators, our capacity cannot be caped. We have heard the saying “A prayerless Christian is a powerless Christian”. Power does not come from prayer; it comes from the Holy Spirit. We pray to channel the power we already have from the Holy Spirit properly. Through prayer we can easily access the power and change things. People who feel that power comes from prayer may at times feel they have not prayed enough and therefore will feel that there will be no show of power. Have you know that it is not that the power increases but that the power is made available for use. We make power available not just to solve our problems but to solve other people’s problems.

Jude 1:20 (KJV)

20 But ye, beloved, BUILDING UP YOURSELVES on your most holy faith, PRAYING IN THE HOLY GHOST,

When two countries are fighting, victory can come through strategy, it can come through more superior weaponry or it can come as a result of the size of your army being far bigger. The thing is, this is not how we enforce our victory. Our victory is not through these things. It goes deeper than that. We already have the victory and therefore we release it into our strategies, plans and efforts through prayer. Look at the life of Jehoshaphat when the Moabites, the Ammonites, and the inhabitants of Mount Seir came against Judah (2 Chronicles 20:1-20). There were totally outnumbered. This was a battle that looked like there was no hope. Note that they first prayed to God for help. Even Jehoshaphat knew that the power for victory is in God’s hand (v.6). God heard them and answered through Jahaziel with words of victory. Once that note of victory came, whatever strategy they took within the confines of that word would have brought them victory.

Consume your plans, ideas and strategies with prayers and you will see victory more often. S D Gordon saidPrayer strikes the winning blow; service is simply picking up the pieces”. We have plans, we have strategies but all we have to do is to rest it on the foundation of fervent effectual prayer. Nothing will ever die in your hands once we pray out the solution from the spiritual to the physical. Let us stir our victory through prayers.


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