Who is older? Is it the problem or is it the solution? Goliath probably was older than David by age so does that mean that the answer is the problem? There are diseases that are incurable. Does that mean it has no solution? God created the world in such a way that there is a solution even before a problem exists. Food was created before there was ever hunger. God created man in His image and breathed life into him. Before any problem existed he told man to have dominion over the earth (Genesis 1:28). That includes problems too.

There are no problems to face in Heaven. It is here on Earth that there are problems. There is absolutely no problem you cannot solve when you have been blessed with the spirit to overcome. God even called problems common (1 Corinthians 10:13). There is no special problem but they are customized to push you to your calling in life. Problems are so common that there is always a way of escape. What you are going through is no different from what others are going through. The devil does not hate you more, is just that you are not aware of the solution. Stop trying to numb the pain. Destroy the root cause of it.

For every problem, there is a promise to believe. The solution is not in the problem. It is in believing the promise. If you are sick, there is a promise of healing. If you are in debt worth millions, there is a promise for debt cancellation or a promise for financial increase to pay up that debt. All these promises are God’s word. God is speaking through his word how your life ought to look like. It is supposed to be like Christ. Your life may look like a mess but let it not reach your heart. Let it not affect what you believe. Your heart should be full of the promises of God. That is why reading, understanding and believing the bible is very important.

There was a lady who died in the bible named Dorcas. The disciples did not just say: Well, it is appointed unto man to die once. Let us go and bury her.” They did not do that. One thing they did know was that Peter was at Lydda which was near where they stayed so they called for him to come. They would not have called him if they did not want her to come back to life. They wanted a solution and Peter was it. When Peter came the widows were weeping, showing him all that Dorcas did for them. Peter did not waste his time consoling them rather he put them out of the room. Weeping does not solve the problem. Believing God’s word does. He spoke over her and she came back to life (Acts 9:40). Peter remembered a promise that says: “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give” (Matthew 10:8). Your provision is a promise away or even a person away who understands the promises of God.

When God created man in his own image, the first thing man saw was God. He saw his identity.  The first work he saw God do was speaking the blessings over him. He saw how to exercise his identity. You are to identify with anything that is of God and exercise it to reality. When you see a promise in the Word, you identify with it by believing it. Stop identifying with rubbish things for the sake of being liked. It won’t take you anywhere. Believe his promises. When you believe it, you are saying it is yours. Speak over the problem what you believe and act according to what the promise says. The promise is to be orated and to be obeyed. David spoke what he would do to Goliath. He said he would cut of his head and he acted accordingly (1 Samuel 17:46, 51). Speak over the problem what you want to see and act accordingly.

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4 years ago

My Brother from another mother, thank you for the message of truth here. I will always believe the promise, for if I believe and work accordingly, I’ll see the salvation of God in my own case. Thank you again Sir, keep up the good work. Glory to God!