The opposite of fear is boldness. If we want to deal with our fears, we can do it by being bold. There is one thing fear and boldness have in common, they make things happen in our lives. Whatever you fear, will come upon you and whatever you have boldness for will happen to you. Job was afraid that judgment will fall upon him and the devil used it to his advantage (Job 1:4-5) (Job 3:25). Things became very hard for him due to fear. Joshua, on the other hand, led Israel to the promised land by being strong and courageous. (Joshua 1:6) (Joshua 3-5).More people live in fear than in boldness and these are some reasons why.

It Is More Comfortable.

It is fear that keeps people in their comfort zone and when you tell them to step out to get what they want they will give many reasons why it won’t work. Any excuse not to chase your dreams is fear talking.

The Path Of Fear Is Crowded And Not Lonely.

 Just go on the road and talk about all that is going wrong in the country and you will get enough people to discuss with. But if you talk about your dreams and what you will achieve, you will soon realise you are alone.

The Path Of Fear Seems Wiser And Safer.

It is not safe. In the short term, it is less painful but in the long run, it is very destructive. Boldness builds things while fear destroys things. If you live anything long enough without usage, it will begin to deteriorate. That is how fear works. It stops you from exercising your dreams in your heart thereby making your life deteriorate. It makes your life worse day by day till you are old and in regret.

Boldness builds what you infuse it into. If it is infused into your business it will bring profit. If infused into your goals, you will achieve it. We are to live bold, confident and overcoming lives. You are not going to achieve much without boldness. Remember scriptures say the Righteous are as bold as a lion (Proverbs 28:1). What this means is that it is through boldness we achieve righteous acts. Do you see that? You cannot accomplish God’s will without boldness. It takes boldness to walk up to someone and tell him that there is a better life in Christ and anything outside that is death. It takes boldness to tell someone who is dying of sickness, be healed in Jesus name. “What if it does not work?” That is fear talking. Fear never produces anything good. “What if it leads to everyone hating you?” To be bold means you will always go against the crowd, expect it. It is either you believe God’s word or you don’t. Boldness or fear will determine where you stand when life or death situations stares you in the face.

Fear is about what is going to happen to me?”It is about you alone. That is selfish. Boldness is about “this is what I am going to make happen.”It is about God working through you. It is about the greater one in you making you overcome anything the world throws at you. So what are you going to make happen? If you can say it anywhere, you will achieve it anywhere. Can you say in the midst of many sick people, there is healing for you today? If you can say it then you will lay hands on them and start getting results.

Hebrews 11 is a chapter that works on people’s heart to paint a picture of what faith is. Showing you a picture of something is far easier than describing it. The Chapter shows you how faith speaks, how it acts and how it sees. It shows you the personality of faith. God told Joshua to be bold. Another way to say it is God told him to have faith. Faith is boldness. In Hebrews 11:30 says “By faith the walls of Jericho fell down…..” In the book of Joshua God called it being bold and courageous (Joshua 1:7). In Hebrews, he called it faith. Therefore faith is boldness. Be bolder than ever. Stop sitting down, rise up, get to work for we live by faith.

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