If they asked you what you value most in your life? If your answer is not Jesus then you need to get your priority right. Peter said:

“Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life.” (John 6:68)

This word is full of life making all that comes in contact with it to have life. That is why when you plant the word of God in your heart, as long as it is there, fruits will come automatically. If you are not seeing the fruits then you are not keeping the seed in your heart. You are not giving it priority.

To cherish means “to hold, to value, to embrace, to protect or to nurture”. You are to see the word of God as very vital and very valuable. No person, no place, no problem or plans should unseat or undo the word as number one. Job perfectly describes this:

Job 23:11-12 (kjv)

11  My foot hath held his steps, his way have i kept, and not declined.
12  Neither have i gone back from the commandment of his lips; I HAVE ESTEEMED THE WORDS OF HIS MOUTH MORE THAN MY NECESSARY FOOD.

He did not say food was unnecessary or unimportant. He acknowledged that food is necessary but more necessary is the Word of God. This destroys a lot of excuse people give like “I have many children so I do not have time. My job is very tasking. My university life is very demanding.” All that is necessary but if you keep the word of God as number one, children, job or student life will not be a problem. The word is the solution to a balanced and a beautiful life.

Words are valuable and vital. Words can start a war and destroy thousands of lives. Words can also bring peace and save thousands of lives. That is what makes it valuable. Words created the world. That is what makes it vital. If you value words from people that are critical, angry, deceptive and emotional. Your life will begin to take the shape of those words. If you value words from people that edifying you, encourage you and empower you, your life will begin to become the image of those words. We are a product of not just what we think, say or see but what we hear matters. If you listen to how to start a business everyday on YouTube, on your phone, on TV and through seminars, you will eventually start a business. The words are giving you energy to do it. See and hear the word of  God continually and God like results will be your portion.

A doctor tells a man This disease is incurable, you just have to live with the pain but God word says There is healing in my word(Psalm 107:20). Whichever word the man values most will determine his next action; either a life of pain or a life of perpetual health. Do not place value on words that can fail but rather on God words that is tried, tested and true. Do not forget that Jesus is the word (John 1:14). Jesus never sinned which means that he has never failed and in him is no failure. Was it not because of Adam’s sin that many are separated from God and the judgment of God was upon all? It was what brought our downfall but Jesus came to return us to glory. He gave us his life that we may live. You can accept his life but without accepting his word, you will not manifest divine health or wealth. In life you must believe something, believe the word.

To receive Gods word is not just to shout Amen!” To receive is to believe till you see the result. It is like this, if believing is seeing then do not blink. Do not close your eyes. If your father told you that this mansion is yours and gave you all necessary documents yet another person comes and says it is his own. I guarantee you that you will fight for that mansion with the evidence you have. When we see the evidence of God’s truth in Romans 6:14 “sin shall not have dominion over you”, we receive it by believing. This believing brings the behavior of:

standing till you see the result,

fighting till you see the result,

not giving in till you see the result.

Addictions or bad habits have to succumb to the evidence that you have dominion over it. When addictive pressures come, you stand on that word saying “Smoking, I have dominion over you. Smoking desires leave my body now”. Stand on that confession. Anyone who takes what is your own without permission is a criminal. That person must be arrested. Arrest everything that is contrary to what God says is yours. You have a right to walk in dominion so stand there. This is how we receive.

The job of this world is to state to you facts and figures of what is happening and how bad things are. The doctors job is to give you facts and figures on your health and how to manage it. The accountant is to give you facts and figures on how much money you have and how to manage it. The news caster job is to tell you all the things happening around the world. They mostly tell you bad things than good things. That is their job and they do it pretty well and are paid for it. Your job as a child of the Most High God is faith and patience. It is through this that all Christ has done on the cross for you is drawn out into physical manifestation.

Hebrews 6:12 (KJV)
12  That ye be not slothful, but followers of them who through FAITH AND PATIENCE INHERIT THE PROMISES.

Let not the world change your mind with their sensual and emotional messages that are sweet to the ear but ends in bitterness. Rather receive the word that is able to keep you from falling. When you value his word more than anything else, all that God desires for you will begin to show in your life. This is the true life of a righteous man for our righteousness is of God.

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5 years ago

Great article. It reminds us that words can either make you or mar you. God’s Word is and should always be number one in our lives.

Daniel okere
Daniel okere
5 years ago

Beautiful article. God’s words are the surest word on earth . Thank you Fubara. God bless you.

Wole Emmanuel
Wole Emmanuel
5 years ago

God’s word has the capacity to transform only those yielded to Him.

5 years ago

We dont know how far we can do the impossible until we doggedly believe in God’s word and insist on God’s promises to be fulfilled in our lives.