Consistency: It Has The Power You Need

Is it not so annoying when you have made up your mind that from today you are going to start a particular habit only to give up after a few days. Weeks later you start again and stop. Months later you start again and stop. Years later you start again and stop. Consistency is an issue for many.

You are spending most of your life not doing than doing. If you have not been consistent then it won’t be wise to start complaining I have done everything; Life is unfair or nothing is working. If you are truly consistent your mind and body will be witnesses to this truth.

It is consistency that wins the gold medals. Consistency is key to building anything successfully. It is key to building a successful you. It has the power to create the life that you want. Now, there are 3 elements I will show you right now to get you going and never stop. The first element is this, you need to stand up.


To stand up means to believe. You need to believe that you can achieve it. Consistency requires faith. Why do you go to school every day even when you do not feel like it? You believe you are going to get a certificate at the end of the course. When I was sick I read a book called The Healing Balm by Bishop David Oyedepo. I read it because I believed that it will tell me how to free myself from the illness. Honestly, it did. Expectancy breeds consistency. If you believe you are the best in your field, it is expected that you will read books and do professional courses related to it. Do not do it because it is a necessity, do you because you believe you are the best. You must believe first.

Pictures Matters

You must have a picture of the end result. To those who travel, the first thing you need is a destination. Destination matter more than how you get there. Believing brings you to your destination. What you believe is where you will end up. Do you believe that what you are doing now will get you to where you want to be or who you want to be? I just hope it works attitude won’t help you. You have to stand up and say this is what I want, I know it is what God wants me to do, and believe it is possible.

We all expect something from our actions but we give up too soon. Once a challenge comes and says you cannot do this, we agree without a fight. We would rather quit and lose rather than fight and win. We need to handle shame properly. Looking like a failure does not make you one, acting like it does.

God warned Eli more than once that his two sons will die for their evil actions and Eli just agreed (1 Samuel 2:29-34, 1 Samuel 4:1-5). In his mind, he thought who am I to question God. Yet there was another man by the name of Hezekiah who God told through a prophet, you will die. The man did not accept the funeral plan laid up for him. In tears, he stood his ground. God saw those tears and changed his mind. You have got to stand up for those dreams burning in your heart.

Never Give Up

In a boxing ring, there are two boxers. Three things that can happen in that ring. You win, you lose, or a draw. How do you come out the winner? Just believe that you cannot lose. God said you shall be the head and not the tail (Deuteronomy 28:13). Those who are the tail do not believe that they can be the head. Refuse to give up and you will be standing tall in the end.

Let me tell you something profound, any man on the floor who believes he is a champion is more dangerous than any man that stands in fear. Those who are knocked down and still get back up believe in victory more than a defeat (Proverbs 24:16).

How many times have you stopped doing what you ought to do? I wonder how many rejections the widow received before the unjust judge succumbed to her request. Do not talk yourself out of it, talk yourself into it. You will feel alone; you will feel it is not worth it but the rewards of sacrifice will always outweigh the reward of comfort. Just never give up.


The Second element is showing up. If you believe you are the best in your field, then you have to go out to the field. In the parable of the unjust judge, the widow just kept showing up every day, saying the same thing to him, get justice for me from my adversary (Luke 18:3). She knew what she wanted and did not care how she said it, how she looked, what time of the day it was. All that mattered to her was showing up.

The judge did not fear God yet was moved by a widow with nothing to offer him. She made him make a just decision. Just showing up is a powerful truth. You just have to bury that attitude of perfection and what if’s and show up every day to what you want to achieve.

You Can Do Better

Many people are doing exactly what you want to do in life. In fact, you know you can do better yet they are successful and you are not. Start right now! Starting always begins with showing up every day. Are you tired? Just show up! Not sure what to do? Just show up. In the showing up, doors open up to you. If I asked you for something 7 times a day it will not be as powerful as if I asked you once every day for 7 days. Try it and see. You will be amazed by the results you will get.


In Luke 18 it says men ought to always pray. God pulled my heart to the word always. That means prayer is not optional. Those who exercise their body daily have more physical energy. Imagine what prayer exercises will bring. You will release the power of God with ease.

Someone who prays in a week one hour each day will get more results than someone who prays 7 hours in one day and leaves the remaining 6. The environment we live in discourages praying. Don’t you know answers come to those who not just ask but keeps asking?

Anytime the widow showed up, she kept saying avenge me of my adversary; avenge me of my adversary; avenge me of my adversary! That statement means I want justice. She kept speaking for justice and she got justice.

Day and Night

God who is just will answer anyone speedily who cries out to him day and night. The criteria for a speedy answer are for those who do not just cry during the day but day and night. You start a prayer schedule today, you give up after two days. You start it again, you give up after one day and you are wondering why hasn’t my answer come. The delay is a lack of consistency. You will be surprised that your answer is inside discipline and consistency.

Whatever you have made up your mind to do, keep doing it. Consistency is necessary. For everything needed in your life, there must be some form of consistency. If you want answers to prayer be consistent in the place of prayer. If you want wisdom, be consistent in the place of studying. You want to have a harvest be consistent in sowing.

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Kelly kaka
Kelly kaka
9 months ago

Thanks sir! I enjoyed reading 📚☺