I expect to live a good life, do you? Do you expect an average life, terrible living, or the good life? Are you going through bad times right now? Who hasn’t? But I hope you are not basing your future on your present circumstances. If you are, your future would not be a good one.

The voices from your past will always tell you things are never going to change. The voices from the future will tell you things are going to get worse. The worst place you can be is in the middle of the battle. Bad circumstances, troubles, or present challenges should not dictate how your life goes. It is your choices that decide how your life will go.

God said His plans for you are good (Jeremiah 29:11). It is left for you to choose well. This good does not have an expiration date except if you decide you do not want it. Good is really good. Bad is really bad. Why should I choose anything bad? Many have unconsciously. You do not want to and you do not have to. There is nothing that God created on earth that has the power of choice except man. It is wise you use it well.

Time has three parts, the past, the present and the future. If you want to remove every fear of life just being bad then need to know how to handle your past and present. The future looks horrible when you look at your present situation and your past supporting such thoughts. When you base your future on past mistakes or past misfortunes, you will live in fear and fail more often than you succeed.

You have a great future which God has called good (Jeremiah 29:11). No one including you have the right to call it anything else. Though if you do, that is what you will get. So here are some things that you need to do to walk towards a greater tomorrow. If every day should be better than the last, then your future should be super bright.


The plan God has for you is all good. There is no evil in it. Yes, bad things will happen but it is not part of His plan for you. It is the devil’s plan to derail you from God’s good plan. No one has a predetermined journey full of horrors and pain. You need to stand up and know God has good plans for you and really believe it, else you will sit down and accept whatever life gives you.

The Plan Is Good

Life won’t give you peace, only God will. So being poor, sick, and stuck is not god’s plan for you. Why accept it as if you have no choice? Where there is a choice of good, why accept bad? The widow at Zarephath had accepted death as the only option in her life. She was preparing her last meal for her and the son to eat before dying (1 Kings 17:12). God used Elijah to show her that death is not God’s plan for her. She choose life and lived. Even when her son later died, she thought all hope was lost. Again God used Elijah to raise her son back to life. There is always a path called life. Hope answers to does who know that being alive and hope goes together. Choose life and live to the fullest.


As long as a train is on its track, it can keep moving to its destination. The train tracks that will keep you on course are prayer and the word. Since you know that God has good plans for you. Create a great big picture of it. You did this through reading, listening, and meditating on God’s word. Get rid of all those bad pictures that social media, news, and wrong friends have given you. That is what is holding you down. Take the engrafted word which is able to build you up. You become what you see. Look at what God your creator wants you to see so you can fulfill what he created you to be. You were created to be great.

Divine Coincidences

You create pictures with God’s word and empower it through prayer. Prayer gives it motion. Jesus had a picture of saving mankind. He empowered it through prayers (Luke 22:44). All divine coincidences happened to bring His purpose to pass. When you look at Jesus’s life from birth to resurrection, it looks planned out. Things are just falling in place towards his set goals. That is a divine coincidence. Prayer brings divine coincidences to bring your purpose to pass.


If you want to see the great future you have envisioned, you need to be consistent. You cannot be consistent without a picture of what you want to achieve. Once you have a picture of want to achieve, you have to begin to live like the person who has achieved that goal. For example, if you want to be a doctor, study how a professional doctor behaves every day and begin to do the same way. Soon people will call you a doctor as well. 

Behave Blessed

God told Abraham that he shall be a blessing to many generations (Genesis 12:2). You cannot be a blessing if you are not blessed right? How does a blessed person act? If you cannot see yourself blessed, you cannot behave blessed. If you do not behave blessed every day, you cannot be a blessing. You see the divine process? So believe and act blessed. Gideon could not be a mighty man of Valor until God showed him a picture of who he was supposed to be. 

The issue with consistency is after two days, you will not feel like doing those things that make you achieve your goals. You have to get past the emotions. True consistency involves doing what needs to be done even when all feelings are gone. You will have many days of not wanting to do it than wanting to. You do what you do because that is who you are. As you do so, you will become that desire and dream God has put in your heart.

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