What comes to mind when you see a beautiful mansion? You would believe that the owner is rich and successful. We know what it looks like to be successful. We know how we want people to see us. We know we want to have a beautiful life that just shines brightly to the glory of God. This kind of life is not going to happen if you do not personally lay a strong foundation in your life. A strong foundation will make sure that whatever you are building will not come crashing down after a few weeks, months or years. You wanted to be fit yet you have quit exercising. You wanted results in prayer yet your prayer life is just your 10 minutes morning devotion. You want a better job yet you have quit working on being a better you. A building with a weak foundation will come crashing down. Whatever you start does not last because you need a strong foundation. If you ignore this truth, what you want to achieve will ignore you.

The average believer wants the blessing of God to show mightily in their life and yet they are not willing to lay a firm foundation. They see a promise of God that identifies with prosperity and they want it super quick. They get some scriptures on it, believe for a while and when the answer looks like is not going to come, they get frustrated. They start shouting “but I believed.” There is no ‘but’ if you believed. When people make a statement to affirm what they want and include the word ‘but’, they have stopped believing. They have let go of the prize. They have cut short of their desires. When you believe the word of God, you must allow it to change your life. Not just a momentary change but monumental in nature.

3 John 2 says: “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” Prosperity is linked with the mind. The foundation of how far the building project of your life will progress is in your mind. When your mind changes, your life changes. Most people who won the lottery ended up broke and unhappy because only their bank account figures changed but their mindset of poverty did not change. Great wealth is for great minds. We all want our lives to change very quickly for the better and if that is what you want then get busy building your mind to stand firm on God’s word. We have to do what the word says we should do, think the way the word says we should think and speak the way it says we should speak.

“How long do I have to believe before I begin to see results?” You have to believe for the rest of your life. It is not a project. It is a continuous lifestyle. Stop thinking “I will believe for a week or a month but if it does not come, then I will look for an alternative.” This kind of thinking will produce nothing in your life. Build a rock-solid mindset through God’s word and you will have a rock solid prosperous life. If you are shaky in your foundational belief, the flood will destroy anything you try to build. But if you are strong in your beliefs, whatever you build will stand (Luke 6: 47-49). Verse 49 emphasisesV.49 that without a strong foundation, the magnitude of the destruction will be great. But when you have a strong foundation, the magnitude of the storm does not matter. You will never fall.

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