Fortified: See The Word As A Seed

The answer to your need is in form of a seed. A seed may not look like much due to its small size but it is mighty. It is full of life. There will always be food on the earth as long as there are seeds. So also the absence or presence of anything in life is dependent on a seed. If you plant seeds of prosperity, it will keep multiplying in your life. If you do not plant such seeds in your life, poverty will multiply in your life.

When you read God’s word, it may not look like anything is happening but as long as you have planted it consistently in your heart, you will see results. The fastest way to change your life is through God’s word. You can count the number of seeds in a fruit but only God can count the number of fruits in a seed. You cannot quantify the transformation that comes via the word of God.

The word of God must be planted in the soil of your heart for it to grow. No plant will grow well with weeds all around. Feeding on God’s word and feeding on the negativity of the world don’t mix. The word of God won’t have space in your heart to work. Jesus gave four scenarios of how the word of God as a seed works in your heart. Three of these scenarios did not produce fruits. Once you know what hinders your growth you can deal with it and start growing.


In the first scenario, the seed is trodden upon and eaten by birds (Luke 8:5,12). This shows that the soil is hard. The word will not work when you have a hardened heart. One indicator that your heart is hardened is indifference and disinterest to the things of God. You can go weeks without reading God’s word and it does not bother you. The things of God are not just worth your time. Until there is genuine concern for the things of God, growth won’t come. You want to be different from the rest and rise high then indifference should be dealt with.


A second scenario the seed did not produce due to a rock (Luke 8:6,13). A rocky heart is someone who is impatient. You are believing God for something. You are excited that it is coming soon but days have past and pressure is mounting up. You cannot take it anymore and you give up. Understand this, when you plant a seed, there must be first the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear (Mark 4:28). There is a process. If you know at the end of the process is your victory, then why quit? There is a seed, then time and finally, harvest. Endure the time and the harvest will be yours. Between the seed and harvest is where the seed is birthing life. Do not abort it. When you feel you cannot take it anymore, remove yourself from the picture and look at the victory before you.


In the third scenario, the thorns choke the seed from producing fruits (Luke 8:7,14). These thorns are distractions. Do not allow anything to distract you from focusing on God’s word. There are thousands of alternatives to obeying God’s word, they all seem right but the end is just setbacks (Proverbs 14:12). Delilah distracted Samson from his God-given destiny. His life was cut short. Joseph on the other hand refused to be distracted by Potiphar’s wife and he fulfilled destiny.

When you understand how a weapon works, you can make provision against it. The devil will make you get bored about the things of God so you don’t even start seeking God. If you start, he will pressure you into giving up. If that does not work, he will distract you from the path of your success. When you see these signs, they are not normal. You are reading the bible and immediately you are falling asleep. That is not normal. Counter these abnormalities and the seed in your heart will grow.

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Adunu, Kelly Kaka
Adunu, Kelly Kaka
3 years ago