We all have a lot of needs that we want to be met. We try to get a job or start a business so as to meet these ever-increasing needs. Here is a truth that you need to know. Everything we need right now or will ever need has already been provided by God. We are not in the ministry of asking: “Father, I need a job. I need a contract. I need a wife.” We are now in the ministry of believing what Christ has done and then releasing it to take a physical form. “Then what is the point of faith if God has already given us everything?” Our faith is a response to what has been done. “The doctor said I am sick so where is the health God provided?” It is inside your spirit. All God has provided is in there. Through faith, you draw it out so as to meet your needs.

Faith is the spiritual arms you use to carry what you need. Whether it is a need or a desire, it is available for faith to release it. God’s supply does not diminish. It does not change. It is constant. It is we that change when we accept the lies of the devil then we begin to give ourselves a reason why we do not have it. Stop disqualifying yourself from the blessings when God is saying “I have blessed you.” In football, a player cannot give another player a red card. It is only the referee that can do that. People have told you “you cannot succeed” means nothing if God did not tell you that. That means you have got to keep on playing to win (1 Corinthians 9:24).

In Mark 5: 30-31, many people touched Jesus and only one person got healed. The power supply was there. What anybody needed was in Jesus and the woman with the issue of blood choose to take what had been given and her ill health disappeared instantly. God made it clear that receiving his son is receiving everything you need. He spared not his own son, meaning he kept nothing back (Romans 8:32). It is according to your faith you draw the supplies you need. If you do not choose to use what you have been given, you will live like everything has been taken from you. You will live in lack. It is not God’s fault. The supply is there. Draw as much as you want, according to your faith.

When it comes to God’s provision, you are the bridge to receiving the supply. God’s blessings move through you. You are to push the blessings from the spiritual to the physical. It is your responsibility to resist the devil. It is your responsibility to speak to the mountain. God’s responsibility is to provide everything you need which is called grace. Your responsibility is to respond to the grace that has been given and that is called faith.

If you can get into faith, if you can walk in faith, you will become the commander in chief of God’s blessings. You will command healing. You will command prosperity. Renew your mind with God’s word so you can easily flow through the spiritual realm and bring God’s provision to the physical world. Remember God is a spirit (John 4:24). All his provision is in the spiritual realm. You being able to receive all that is in there depends on you and not on God. Stop waiting on God. The sick, the poor, the confused are waiting on you to manifest God’s power and free them from the oppression of the devil.

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