Have you seen someone give a testimony in church and you feel as if God singled this person out to the detriment of the others in the story. Well let me tell you something, it is called favour and it is the inheritance of every believer (Psalm 5:12). If you feel like the world is against your progress then you have not laid hold of God’s favour. Favour is about God being for you and all opposition against you is not gaining ground.

Favour is not something you work for. It does not come by labour. Most of the worst paying jobs are very tasking physically. Israel worked for the Egyptians for 430 years and got nothing for it. Favour is not worked for, it is worked out. As believers, God’s favour is upon you but it does not work automatically.

It took one action from Moses obeying God to bring great wealth for Israel in one night. 430 years of labour did not bring it. Moses knew God was on his side and that is the way favour works. You need to understand that God is on your side. Favour comes through a good understanding (Proverbs 13:15). Understand that God is for you. Good times or bad times cannot change this truth. Having a good understanding of God’s word can change your life experiences to great testimonies.

I have observed that people who offer a life of service to meet people’s needs, not of duty but out of sacrificing what they have for others are the most favored people in life. Whether it is done in the church, community or office, it does not matter. Service brings favor. Jesus went about his Father’s business and a scripture recorded what the result of it was. Through service, Jesus grew in favor with God and man (Luke 2:49, 52).

Mind your business. The statement ‘Mind your business’ means to focus on the business of helping others. It means to stop looking at other people’s business and feel like yours means nothing. Focus on being the voice of help to all those around your influence and doors will open for you. Those opportunities are God’s favor opened up for you.

Joseph served genuinely from his heart. He was honest, dependable and skillful. Even as a stranger and slave, he was made a manager over everything in Potiphar’s house. Potiphar had children or relatives. Why did he not choose them instead of a slave? Most people would have done relation or friend hiring but God’s favour put Joseph in that position. Your tribe does not determine your rise in life. There is nothing outside of you that decides your rise and fall. God has given you all the power to be all you can be. So why be anything less?

Expect favour. God has accepted you and you think man’s rejection can stop you (Ephesians 1:6). No rejection can stop what God has accepted. Favour does not look like a lottery ticket, money, background, location, qualification…NO! Favour is God being on your side and you accept the truth of it.  Be favour conscious and expect Great things.

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