I need to ask you a question or I want you to ask yourself a question. The company, Google is owned by Larry Page. Amazon is owned by Jeff Bezos. So who owns the earth? If you said, “I am the owner” then why are you not enjoying all its resources? Why are you struggling financially? Why are you settling for the average life? God said that the earth, He has given it to you (Psalm 115:16). He did not give it to unbelievers, he gave it to believers.

While the unbelievers are enjoying, we are out there singing “Take the whole world but give me Jesus.” Why won’t the unbelievers prosper when we gave them the world? As a believer, you were given both. Why choose Jesus and live poor when God wants us to be with Jesus and be prosperous as well. If you do take the world, you will be an ineffective Christian. “Well God has not called us to be rich.” He has not called us to be poor either. God gave us all of Him so why choose some of Him? He gave us all of him.

If we are to enjoy what God has given us then we cannot give the devil any breathing space. Not even an inch. Adam allowed the devil and we lost our inheritance. The sad thing was that we lost it legally. Adam gave it to him. The proof of this is in Luke 4 when the devil tempted Jesus. He took him up to a high mountain, showed him all the kingdoms of the world and told him that he will give him everything (since it was given to him) if he will worship him. The devil even called what he would give Jesus as power. He said: “all this power will I give thee…(V.6).

If you really want to enjoy your inheritance, power is needed. That is why when Jesus took back our inheritance it came with power (Matthew 28:18). Not just some power but all power. So you cannot say the reason things are not going well for me is because of economic power or traditional power from your home town. You have power above those little things.

There are different kingdoms in this world: government, economic, community, technology e. t. c (Luke 4:5). You cannot rule without power. The power has been given back to us. Just because you are empowered does not mean it works automatically. The devil will contend with you. You are to forcefully resist him. The battle is not a flesh and blood battle. It is not guns and knives. It is a spiritual battle (Ephesians 6:11). Those who come out on top are the ones who are not scared to take what is theirs. Health is yours. Refuse anyone trying to take it away. You have all power over all enemies (Luke 10:19). So you have all that is necessary to be victorious.

You just have to be forceful when it comes to inheritance. Those who are forceful know what they want and take steps to get what they want. Being forceful deals with two major problems that hinder unsuccessful people. They are indifference and ignorance. Know what is yours and do not let go. The world is not built to tell you sorry, it answers to those who say “the earth has given to me” (Psalm 115:16). It is time to take over.

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