Wherever there is a fight between two nations, there is going to be bloodshed. When God made Israel to win battles against kings of other nations, there was bloodshed. In war, you must be willing to lay down your life to win. There is nobody that likes losing. Esther said, “If I perish I perish” (Esther 4:16). She was willing to die to win. Jesus spilled blood to make sure that we can always be victorious. When his flesh was broken, it opened the door to victory in our bodies. We have access to divine health. When blood spilled out of his flesh we have access to our sins being forgiven. This is the greatest thing the blood of Jesus accomplished; washing away all our sins. Whatever sin represents, you name it, failure, depression, poverty, sickness, it does not have a part in our lives again. It is washed away. We are not in this earth to conform but to live as a conqueror.

After 430 years of slavery, Israel got their freedom by blood. The nine plagues did not do it. It was the tenth plague which was the killing of all firstborn in Egypt that forced Pharaoh’s hand to give in (Exodus 12:26-31). The blood sacrifice of every Israelite household prevented death from killing any firstborn in their camp. The sheep without blemish that was sacrificed was a picture of Jesus sacrifice for our freedom. Therefore you are free to be successful. You are absolutely free to go right now, start that business you wanted and make a profit. Do you wish you could be doing something different right now? You are covenanted by blood to be successful in whatever you put your hands to do.

If you go to any restaurant, even though their focus is the sale of food, their service delivery will differ. Some restaurants, you have to go to the counter to order, some you take the food for yourself and some others they will have to come to you with a menu, take your order and then bring the food to you. If you do not understand how the restaurant you went to delivers its food, you will stay hungry. If you refuse to comply with their form of service, you will be asked to leave. The average believer has problems receiving from God thereby going hungry. They look like they have lost everything. It is not God’s fault. He has given. The issue is that we are slow in receiving. The devil has used every means necessary using any wrong in our lives to beat us down.

God is not holding anything back from us. In fact, he has given us everything. We do not deserve it but through Jesus it is ours. It is needed that you remove the “am not good enough mentality” so that your faith is not hindered to all God have given you to receive.

The devil knows what you have just like pharaoh knew what the Israelites had taken. Pharaoh pursued to take back everything including the Israelites themselves. The devil’s motto is to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). You need to have something for someone to steal from you. There needs to be life for someone to kill. If you allow the devil breathing space in your life, then you will not see the benefits of Christ sacrifice in your life.

We are to resist him steadfastly in the faith (1 Peter 5:9). Ignoring will not work. Even begging him to leave you alone will not work either. The word resist means to actively fight him. Make sure he does not hinder you from receiving that which you already have. It is amazing that many people do not want the devil in their lives but they are not willing to fight.  If robbers came to your house and started trying to get into your house. What would you do? You will do everything in your power to get rid of them. Some may scream, others may call the police or carry a weapon to fight them off. If you are willing to do all that in the natural, why not as well in the spiritual when it comes to the devil and his evil schemes.

We are to maintain our victory. We are to say no to the devil. Any thinking or words that do not line up with saying no to the devils work in your life, is saying yes to him. “I do not know why I keep falling sick. Well, God is in control.” That right there is allowing him to steal your health. “This country is hard to make a good profit in business.” That is allowing him to steal your riches. Deny him access by resisting him through your faith in Jesus. Do not allow him to steal your God-given goods.


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