We are in a kingdom of receiving. In this kingdom, you do not work to receive, it has already been given to you but for you to take it, you must believe. All we have right now as a believer is not based on our achievements but based on what we have received from Jesus. Every blessing that we have is not by our works, it is by Christ’s Work (Ephesians 1:3). All we do to partake is to just believe.

Before you start to construct a building, the very first part that is constructed is the most important part and that is the foundation. Once the building has been constructed, the foundation will longer be seen but for the building to stand, we know that there is a foundation. There is no point having a foundation if you are not going to build anything on it. It will be a total waste of resources. Our blessings can be likened to the foundation of a building. It is there but cannot been seen. It is spiritual in nature. It is in our spirit encased by our bodies.

2 Corinthians 4:7 (KJV)

7  But we have this TREASURE IN EARTHEN VESSELS, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.

The evidence of a good foundation is when the building on top of it does not crumble down. The building is resting all that it is on the strength of the foundation. If your life is falling apart then you need to check which foundation you are resting on. Are you resting on Christ or something other than Christ. We need to build our lives on the blessings and not on our pedigree. Any other foundation will not work for the believer. The core of who we are is Christ and not our culture, company of friends or career. So if you are thankful, it shows that your foundation is Christ and Christ alone. When we receive God’s word with a thankful heart, we are saying that all that we have is sourced from God and we are fully ready for great manifestations.

Jesus practiced it in John 11:41 when he thanked his Father that he always hears him. So what was the foundation in this scripture, “The Father always hears him”. What was the manifestation, “Lazarus came back to life”. Anything that you put on the foundation that is Christ Jesus, it will receive life just like Lazarus. What did Jesus use to build? He used words. Jesus spoke to Lazarus and he who was dead for days woke up. Through words we begin to build on the foundation but remember there can be no building without a foundation. There can be no great manifestation without the blessing of God.

John 3:2 (KJV)

2  The same came to Jesus by night, and said unto him, Rabbi, we know that thou art a teacher come from God: FOR NO MAN CAN DO THESE MIRACLES THAT THOU DOEST, EXCEPT GOD BE WITH HIM.

The blessing of God is released when spoken out. That is how blessing was release by God on man in Genesis 1:28. It is through speaking God’s word that people will begin to see the manifestations of the blessings of God.

When we read the word, we need to receive it with a thankful heart. When you say thank you, it is the same as saying “I receive it, it is mine”. “All that Christ own, I own”. In the Kingdom, you release what you have received with spoken words. Every time Christ gave thanks in scripture something amazing and awesome happened.

  • When Christ gave thanks in John 6: 11 it led to the feeding of 5000 people with just five loaves and two fishes.
  • When Christ gave thanks in John 11:41 it led to a dead friend coming back to life.

So if you want to receive great things then you must give something great in return and that is by giving thanks. Through gratitude we receive what Christ has done on the cross but through confessions we release what we believed we have received.

Look at this awesome scripture below:

1 Peter 5:7 (KJV)
7  CASTING ALL YOUR CARE UPON HIM; for he careth for you.

If you truly believe what this scripture is actually talking about, you will thank the Lord for all your cares being put on him. After thanking the Lord, based on this truth that you have seen and received. You then begin to make declaration. Therefore, “I will not be afraid.” “I will not have anxiety, I cast all my cares on him and he will deal with it.”

Your confessions are expressions of what you believe. If you believe 1 Peter 5:7 then you will declare it upon your life and it will manifest sooner or later. If you truly believe, you would not be worried about when it will come physically. You will be patience about it. As long as you can see it in your heart, it will manifest into your hands. Through gratitude you have shown that the word of God comes first. You have also shown that your source of living is from the almighty God and nobody else. Through gratitude you have embrace the blessing of God and have declared that this truth of God’s word is mine. It is for me.

One reason why some individuals put the word first and then later give up is because gratitude was not there. All they cared about was getting results now. When you are grateful, you are joyful. It is Joy that gives you strength to turn anything mundane to marvelous. It will keep you going till the result comes. Begin to receive God’s word with a thankful heart and declare his promises over your life and you will see the evidences of his goodness begin to show in your life.





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