Being a worker in the church is not an assurance that you will exhibit the life of God. But if you want to exhibit the life of God then your life must be covenanted to serving others. Our life should be an embodiment of God’s glory. We are not to stumble into a miracle once in a while but rather live in the blessing. The problem we most time face is actually building our lives in the blessing since we are already blessed. One obstacle that we need to deal with is the wrong thought that spending time with Jesus is an event.

An event has a start and an end. There are people who just spend maybe 30 minutes reading the bible and praying but after that, they go about their daily business as if God does not exist. They do not continuously practice the presence of God in their daily activities. Spending time with Jesus is not a one-off thing. It should be continuous. That is why it is not an event. It is a relationship.

If you want to see the tangible manifestation of God’s hand in your life then it is in the abiding (John 15:5). To abide means to live there. It does not mean to visit there occasionally. Let me ask you something. Do you visit your house? No, you don’t because it is your house. God does not visit you and neither do you visit God. God’s home is in you. Let God’s word have a home in you. Do not treat God’s word like a stranger. We most times forget the word as a result of giving in to the pressures of life. But once we learn how to keep the word in our heart, it will produce.

We can keep the word in our hearts by responding to all that life brings our way with the word. Scripture tells us that we should acknowledge God (Proverbs 3:6). That means that we are to yield to God’s authority. If your child told you: “Dad, you have been a bad father, therefore, go to your room.” What is the thought that will run through your mind? “This child is disrespecting me.” This child has no authority over you. Rather it is the father that has authority over his child. Parents have authority over their children. That is why parents are blamed if a Child is doing very well or not doing very well. Picturing the example I just gave, if you want to see the power of God live and in high definition then allow the word to have authority over the way you live.

The Word of God needs your will for there to be a manifestation. The Word of God needs a positive response from you. It needs a “Yes I will obey.” It needs freedom from the stones and the thorns so as to produce a thirty, sixty or hundredfold in your life (Matthew 13:8). We should respond with God’s word in all we do. In your conversation, respond with the word. You do not have to respond exactly word for word but respond with what he has said about you. The bible is about what Christ has done for you and how you can not only receive it but live it.

A relationship is continuous. You can commune anywhere with God, anytime and anyplace. Do not allow tradition deceive you that it is only night or morning that counts. Carry the word in your heart wherever you go. Do not leave it at home or in church. It should be in your lips and in your heart. You keep it in your heart and lips by responding to all that you do with God’s word.

Your one response should be the word. If there is a problem in the office that no one can solve, raise your hand and say “I will solve it, give me some time.” That is what Daniel did when the king asked for an interpretation of a dream that no one could solve (Daniel 4:1-28). How would you be able to know you can solve the problem if you have not read it, received it and responded with it to your circumstances? The world wants to overwhelm you with its issues. Do not allow it to overwhelm your soul. Rather be spiritually minded for there is where the peace is.

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