There are people actually practicing how to fail but they do not know it. There are some things that they have learned over the years that has become a habit or the norm in their lives making them not to go higher. It makes them stay average. The main cause of it is your thoughts. What you are thinking about most is either taking you up, bringing you down or making you stagnant. One person said that the greatest nation is imagination and I agree for this reason; the image that you keep playing in your head is what you will see in your life. Toxic thoughts will lead to a toxic life. Good thoughts will lead to the good life.

Experiences, heartbreak, and offences has taught us not to think highly of ourselves or of our future. There are times we will hear a motivational talk and we begin to feel good about ourselves. We begin to take action and we see things changing but once we slack a little, those thoughts of failures come back. We need to build momentum and not fall back in the ditch again. I want you to know that any toxic thought you have are not ours. As new creatures, old things have passed away (2 Corinthians 5:17). Scriptures say’s “Behold.” That means to look or see it. Can’t you see the new things? All things are new. Your failures and bad experiences are old. It has passed away. Pass away means dead. When did it die? When you died with Christ. But here is the good news, we have something new. We have Christ life now when we rose with him. If we have his life, then we have the mind of Christ.

The one thought that is needful is for us to focus on our new life, not old life. Paul emphasizes that this is the way we ought to think: forgetting those things which are behind and reaching for those things which are before (Philippians 3: 13-14). People say “I am only human. You cannot just forget all those wrong things you did.” First, your heavenly father never called you a human being. He called you a new creature. Your human being status died when you accepted Christ. So you are a new man now. Second, the new man does not operate like how the old man operated. The new man knows he is a blessed man and so he lives his life in accordance to that. Anything that reminds him of seeing himself as not being blessed, he forgets it. He does not give it a second thought. Such thoughts are not his own. Focus on all that the new man is and forget all that the old man was. Embrace the new life by embracing God’s word. Let it become more real than anything else.

Continually bombard your thoughts with God’s word through all means necessary. This is war after all. Victory has been given to you. There is no other option. Your past life, present situation and the devil will keep attacking you with wrong thoughts so you must not give in. Fortify yourself with God’s word.  Do not rest. Keep supplying your mind with life from God’s word and nothing will ever die in your life. Begin to imagine yourself healing the sick, inventing new products, being a leader in your country. Keep imagining! Never stop. Never allow doubt or something bad that happened make you think any less.

In 2 Kings 7, Elisha told the King that: a measure of fine flour will be sold for a shekel and two measures of barley for a shekel in the gate of Samaria. A lord that was next to the King did not believe. He said it cannot happen. He could not imagine such a thing happening because he was using economics and experience. In the end, he saw it happen but did not partake of it. He died. Have you not been seeing beautiful houses owned by someone else but you do not have your own house. What of cars or businesses? We all have seen. Don’t you want yours? The best eyes that see and partake are the eyes of the mind. When you limit your thoughts, you are limiting God. Until you see yourself doing all you want to achieve in your heart, you will never see it in your life.

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Ibitubo Allen Wokoma
Ibitubo Allen Wokoma
4 years ago

I’m Blessed by these wordß. I will definitely keep reminding myself who I truly am irrespective of my present situation. God bless you man of God.

4 years ago

Good reminder,beautifully written. Thank you.