Operating On Another Level

When you get born again, you are a new person. This means there should be a clear difference between someone that has God and someone that does not have God. There should be neither confusion nor questions like “and he said he is born again or are you sure he is born again?”

A viper bit Paul and venom entered his system yet he did not die. Why? His body is now operating on another level in which the venom has no power (Acts 28:6). This level is the supernatural realm where the natural takes a back seat. Some issues produce fear but the God kind of life has tamed it.

The things you think can never change is subject to change. The only thing that can never change is God himself. Rethink how you see your problems. When you see a man crying over someone dead, it is because he believes nothing can be done. Why didn’t Jesus think this way? In a similar case, Jesus said “…She is not dead, but sleeping” (Luke 8:52-55). The person came back to life.

Someone who is born poor, who lives all his life poor and dies poor, is because he believes things cannot change.  Jabez changed the picture in his head from sorrow to blessings, to enlarged coast and favour. God granted what was in his heart (1 Chronicles 4:9-10). Jabez means sorrow and he never changed his name yet came out of sorrow.  What you believe is more powerful than the tags people give you.

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Adunu Kelly kaka
Adunu Kelly kaka
2 years ago

Thank you sir