There are people who believe that God is in control of everything. They believe that God does whatever he wants to do and that he has a hand in everything that happens on earth. No one can change it. If you believe that God is controlling everything that happens then the people who are killed from terrorism is God’s doing. When people get sick, it is God that willed it. When people get away with the evil they have done, it is God that willed. The lady that was raped on the street in the night is God’s fault.

This view of God’s sovereignty is absolutely wrong. If you think this way then you are allowing fate to decide your life and I guarantee you, life will not end well. You will miss out all the blessings God has for you. God is not controlling us like a computer game or like a pawn in chess. This lie is a crippler. It has crippled believers into believing that whatever happens to them good or bad is God’s will so just accept it. It has made believers passive and irresponsible.

People who are confused or hurt, hold on to this belief because it brings relief to them concerning things they do not know how to explain. If your child for example was playing with fire and got burnt, is it God’s fault or the child’s fault. I believe most parents would tell their child, do not play with fire else you could get burned. For you to say that means the child has a choice.

God gave us the power of choice. Our God is a God of love. In love there is choice. If anyone is forced to love someone then it is not love. If God is in control of every single decision and every event then there is no love. We are more or less robots. Also, God said we should choose between life and death and he even gave us the answer to the two options, choose life (Deuteronomy 30:19). The thought that God controls everything has made believers sit down and cross their legs expecting good things that never show up because they have chosen unknowingly a life of fate which leads to death rather than consciously choosing faith in Christ which leads to life.

For you to make a decision, it means there are various options. Every decision produces an outcome. To choose something is to accept it. Choose life. In Christ is life. Accept Christ and all his sacrifice gave us. His sacrifice gave us forgiveness of sins, gave us health, made us righteous, gave us divine protection and peace. When you reject Christ, you reject the blessings of God. All the evil we see in the world is as a result of nations or people rejecting Christ. They made that choice. A believer who falls sick should not say it is from God. It is not from God, it is from the devil.

Jesus went about healing all that were oppressed of the devil (Acts 10:38). This proves that sickness is oppression from the devil. Every evil that wants to fall on us, we have the power to say no to it. We have the power to heal. We have the power to get wealth rather than saying God is teaching us a lesson through poverty. NO! We are blessed with all spiritual blessings in Christ. The choice is yours not God’s. Everything needed for man to succeed has been given by God but man has chosen to go his own way.

God will not choose for you. Circumstances also should not be allowed to choose for you. We do not live based on circumstances. Because you are born into a poor home does not mean that God wants you poor. Rather choose to live based on Christ dying for your sins thereby taking your poverty so you might be rich (2 Corinthians 8:9).

God is sovereign in that he is supreme and there is no one higher in authority and power. But to say he uses this power to control everything single thing in our life without your say is not correct. It is awesome to know that God is not the author of all the wrong things happening in the world. He is a good and loving God. It is left for you to choose the world or choose a loving God.

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