“Praise terrorizes and neutralizes the enemy”

Praise is not just an event that you do at the beginning of a church service. It is not a Sunday or weekday activity. It is a lifestyle. It involves your body, words and thoughts. It is an activity of the heart more than the mind and body. That is why Praise is simply giving adoration to God.

So here is why you should take praising God more serious. When you come in contact with fire, you will get burned right? This is how a praiseful person is. The enemy just cannot be close to you. If he stays, he will get burned. When you live everyday joyful, your problems begin to look for the exit door. It is not conducive for them to stay.

Praise should be the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do at night. Even when you pray, sandwich your prayer with praises. I know praise is good but I have a lot of problems. Do you have more than Paul? Paul called his entire problems light afflictions (2 Corinthians 4:17 NKJV)

He was beaten, stoned and suffered shipwreck. He was in perils of water, perils of robbers and even perils of his own countrymen (2 Corinthians 11:22-29 NKJV)Paul’s perspective was these things are no big deal to me therefore I will still praise God. This should be your mindset as well.

I am angry because of the Government; I am depressed because of my spouse or if I had more money I would not be sad is no excuse not to be joyful. God is bigger than these things. Not praising God is you saying God you are too small.WhilePraising God on the other hand is like saying God you are bigger than anything that comes my way.

The strength for victory is in praise. Compare Psalm 8:2 with Matthew 21:16 and you will see that praise is strength to be used against the enemy. In football did you notice that the only voices you hear when a goal is scored are from the team that scored it. The opposing team’s voice cannot be heard.

When you praise you must believe you are on the winning side. If you believe you are a loser, you won’t praise God and you will keep losing. As you praise, your problems begin to lose their voice over you. It loses its grip and influence over you. Praise works but you must work it. Be Joyful not just for today but for every day.

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Adunu, Kelly Kaka
Adunu, Kelly Kaka
2 years ago

Praise thy lord… Hallelujah 😁😊