There is nothing sweeter than prayer’s that breaks chains and brings result. There is bitterness when people say “I have been praying but I have not seen anything.” It is frustrating not to get answers to your prayers. For you to pass an examination you need to take the time to study. So also for you to begin to get good results in your life, you need to take time to pray. If you pray wrongly, you will get bad results. When James was about to be killed, the Church did not pray and he was unfortunately killed with a sword. When Herod shifted to do the same to Peter, the church realized their mistake and from then on prayer was made without ceasing for him (Acts 12:5).

The prayer of the Church brought about three things: (1) It brought an angel. (2) Chains on peter fell off and; (3) He followed the angel through the iron gate that leads to the city. If it is a miracle you need right now, prayer will send angels forth to bring it to pass. If you are being held down by one problem or the other. Prayer will break every chain irrespective of the form it comes in. If you feel all the doors are closed. Prayer will open a door for you. In fact, the right door will be opened to you. When Peter followed the angel, the Iron Gate that leads to the city; opened to him on its own (Acts 12:10)

Prayer can open a city to you to take over. It can open doors for you in your office where people are not being promoted. Prayer will make them single you out for promotion. When we prevail in prayers, the result comes to us. To prevail in prayer is to avail yourself of the Word of God. Once you have God’s word and pray with it, you will continually hit the target. When we pray with God’s word and inject it into your current situation, the situation will take on the form of His word. Scriptures show us how the situation ought to be and not what we think it is supposed to be. Scriptures show us that divine health or healing ought to be evident in our lives. We saw it when great multitudes followed Jesus and He healed them all (Matthew 12:15).

But you will see people managing their sickness. They may have many things affecting their body but they are believing God to just take away one at least. God does not do half jobs. God desires that all be totally healed and live in divine health. Without praying with scriptures you would not be able to know this. There are 3 things that need to be applied when praying. They are the 3p’s of prevailing prayers.

Firstly, pass scriptures through the cross. We are now under the new covenant of grace that came through Jesus Christ. So whenever we are reading any scripture in the bible, shine the light of the new covenant on it. What does the verse mean now that Jesus has died for my sins and was resurrected for my justification? Your interpretation should be in line with the finished works of Christ.

Secondly, personalize it. Add your name or what you need in the verse. For example, you are bidding for a contract and this verse comes to you: But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19). You can personalize it like this: “My Father shall supply the contract to me according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Then you immediately follow the third step.

 The Third step is you profess it. You speak it out. You say what you have personalized. Do not stop there. On a continuous basis speak around what you have personalized. Turn the verse into a vehicle of blessing. You can say “Therefore I claim that Contract. It is mine in Jesus name. I need the Contract and it has been supplied by my Father. Thank you, Father. The contract has my name on it.”

Prayer converts promises to performances. Prayer is not walking up and down reciting what you have seen other people say and hope for an answer. Prayer that is intertwined, with God’s word is the prayer that prevails, bringing wonderful results. This is real prayer. We relate with God with our spirit because he is a spirit. You need to use His words that are spirit and that are life. When your prayer is interwoven with the incorruptible word of God, fulfillment is born. Hallelujah.

When you are praying with the word, mix it with faith. When it is not being mixed with faith, it will not profit you (Hebrews 4: 1-2). Faith stirs it for you to enter into your rest. For example, when you have finished your office work for the day, the next thing you do is to go back home and rest. You are resting because the work is done. Prevailing prayer is entering a realm you know that it is done. When you take in the word, your faith is built up, this built up faith is established (released) with spoken words which is prayer. God will always answer every prayer that is in accordance to his word.


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Debby k
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