There are two kingdoms, the kingdom of righteousness and the kingdom of wickedness. Our true home is the Kingdom of righteousness. It is not the Kingdom of wickedness. Even hell is not meant for mankind. When you go to the place you call home there is freedom. That is why when people say “make yourself at home” it means to feel as if one belongs or to be accepted. Jesus decided to make his home inside of us. All you have to do is open the door and he will come in (Revelation 3:20). Now he lives in you give him the freedom to make himself at home. Give him the freedom to make you exhibit his life.

Jesus has decided to manifest himself through us. But for this reality to be seen, we must be comfortable with the ways of the Kingdom of righteousness. It is our home. It is our place of rest. There are people who are ok with bribery, with being average, with lying, with greed and they will continue because they have accepted it as a way of life. They have conformed to the world and have not decided to unplug from it. This is not our way of life. We have been translated out of such a life into a new life; into the Kingdom of Christ (Colossians 1:13).

Until people come to the understanding that there is no other way to live than the way of Christ, they will keep on conforming to whatever shape the world takes. They will never know peace. The world with its deceptive power has made millions of people believe that the only way to live is to follow the world’s trend. We all have a place we are from. If asked, some people will say “I am from America or I am from Nigeria. We have a place where we are from. But Jesus who is from Galilee said: “I am not of this world” (John 17:16). That means that our true home is not on this earth. Wherever Jesus is from, that is where we are from. Jesus said, “I AM FROM THE FATHER” (John 16:28). We are from heaven. That is our home and we should make ourselves at home.

Therefore we are strangers in this world or as scriptures says pilgrims (1 Peter 2:11). Doing things the world’s way should be strange to us. When Potiphar’s wife asked Joseph to sleep with her, his attitude and answer showed that this is not for me. He refused (Genesis 39:7-8). Refuse to live the lower life. We have the superior life that births excellence in a world that has settled for mediocrity.

If you are afraid or uncomfortable telling someone about the gospel (Good news) then it is not registered as good news in your heart. When it comes to speaking peace into someone’s life, we need to be comfortable doing it. Renew your mind till it becomes part of you. Are you finding it hard to speak or minister healing to someone who is sick? Then you are not comfortable with healing. It is not at home in your heart. If preaching about salvation to others brings fear to you, then it has not settled in your heart. Everything the kingdom of God represents must be settled in our hearts. We should make ourselves at home in this Kingdom.

Divine health, prosperity, freedom are all part of this Kingdom and we should accept it fully without fear. We cannot bring peace wherever we go if we do not see that we carry these things. Where we come from is a place that moves. The kingdom of God is in us. If it is in us then it is everywhere we go. We bring out the Kingdom on earth when we have made ourselves at home in God’s Kingdom. We should not care what people think but rather care that people receive peace in their hearts.

Get it settled in your heart that you can cast out devils, do not begin to think can I or can I not. The Kingdom of God is not a thinking thing, it is a demonstration of God’s will towards man and his thought for us is 100% good. Wherever we are, the goodness of God must show up and the peace of God must reign supreme. This happens when we have settled that all good things have been given to us.

Do you know that in this world you will always have problems, but those who fully overcome every single attack are those who know that they are not from the world. We are not from defeat. The world is a fallen world. We are from a world that is far above (John 3:31). You may say “but they are talking about Christ.” Of course, they are talking about Christ and he gave you his life. In fact, we are joint heirs with him. So all that Christ has, I have.

There are people who refuse to celebrate with other people who are doing well because it did not happen to them. They are angry or sad that the million dollar contract was not given to them. They may say “why should I celebrate with them? They get all the benefit. I do not get anything from it.” That is why when Jesus said be of good cheer, I have overcome the world” (John 16:33), the “I” there means “We”. We are included. Christ is in you and I.  The body of Christ is every believer.

We cannot carry peace to the ends of the earth until we make Jesus at home in our hearts. Healing should not be strange to us. Raising the dead should not be strange to us. Innovation should not be strange to us. What should be strange to us is just living a normal life. Let us carry the supernatural and immerse the whole world with it, bringing peace to all men.




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Gabriel Sunday John
Gabriel Sunday John
5 years ago

A blessing in deed