The world is not functioning fully the way it was created to. To be on top as a believer, we need to unplug ourselves from this system to a better one. The system we are plugged into is an eternal one that cannot be corrupted. God’s way of doing things is incorruptible. That is why God told us that his love never fails. If love can fail, then it can be corrupted. Also, we have the peace of God. This peace that means nothing missing, nothing broken cannot be corrupted. When it comes to God’s system, it always works. It cannot be affected by anything. We are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. We are the solution to this world, to release God’s peace.

We have God’s peace working in us and we must learn to release it to others in a world full of unrest. To release peace on this earth is more than what you think. It is not about you being healed from your disease, it is beyond that. It is also not about meeting all your family needs. It is about making others experience what you are experiencing. The peace inside you, let others experience it. To be a light and to be a salt of this earth is about being other focused. The benefit of salt is not in it being salty but when it is put in food. Its power, potential, and potency are seen when added to food. Greatness is seen when we give ourselves or when we give all that is inside of us. Let the world have a taste of how good and great our God is. Let them know what the Kingdom of God. When we know how to release this peace for ourselves, we can transfer it to others.

You know wherever Jesus went to, he was the solution to whatever problem was there before. Lives changed as a result of Jesus just being there. If there was anything missing, it was found. If there as anything broken, it was restored. If there was anything lacking, abundance flowed. This peace is our legal right. It is our inheritance. We have it in abundance, let us give it out. This is the perfect peace that we will say “Healing come forth” and diseases will go, “Money comes to me now” and poverty will be broken. That is the perfect peace we are talking about. Isaiah the prophet says “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee (Isaiah 26:3). That is how peace is released.

Peace is linked with our minds trusting God. Without trust, our minds would not be fixed on God almighty. If you believe your solution is coming from the company you work in, your mind will always be there. Your thoughts and imaginations will always be where you believe your answer will come from. All our answers are in the finished work of Christ. Fix your mind on the cross. This is how the peace is released. In another way to put it, we should be Christ conscious.

To be Christ conscious is to be peace conscious. This peace is in every believer but if you are not conscious of it, you will not partake of it. If you are conscious that you have something, you can use it to influence your circumstances. For example, if a robber broke into your house and you are aware that you have a gun to protect yourself. You will probably use it. Through the use of the gun, the robber will have difficulty in carrying out his operation. You can even stop his operation once and for all. When you aware that you have this peace, you can stop the operations of worry, silence the voices of persecutors, end every image of failure.

Christ consciousness is not thinking about Christ all the time. It is not seeing Christ as just a teacher or as just a prophet but as the Son of God. It is about focusing on what Christ blood has done for you. We become Christ conscious by giving our undivided attention to God’s word. If we are talking to somebody, one important way to show the person that you are listening is through your eye contact and your ears. Your eyes and your ears are the windows and doors to your heart. What you believe now is based on what you have been hearing and what you have been seeing.

Peter saw Jesus walking on the water and in his heart he saw himself as walking on water too so he said to Jesus if you are the one, speak to me to come. He heard Jesus say come and peter with that one word, began to walk on water (Matthew 14:26-31). Whatever you give your attention to takes charge of you. The miraculous took over the natural because Peter gave attention to him. He was miracle minded. It was his attention that he gave to the word that made peter walk on water. It was also his attention he gave to the boisterous waves that made him begin to sink.

When we read the word of God we must give it our undivided attention by hearing and seeing. When we read that “Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed” (1 Peter 2:24). We have heard it. We have seen the reality of it but do not stop there. We must also see ourselves as the healed of the Lord that means we should personalize it. All that Christ did on the cross is for you. It is yours. You must see yourself as the main actor in the scripture that you are reading. When you read that “To the praise of the glory of his grace, wherein he hath made us accepted in the beloved” (Ephesians 1:6). You are accepted by God. That is why he now lives in you.

Peter’s doubt or we can say his double-mindedness made him sink. What makes many to sink is the double-mindedness of “God can heal me but I do not know whether he will heal me. God may or may not deliver me from this debt.” NO! God has healed and delivered us already. Once we focus our mind on Christ consistently and consciously, every doubt will begin to shrink away. Christ victory will begin to be released and he will start manifesting himself in our lives.




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