To every believer hear this, prayer is non-negotiable. We all must pray. To fulfil your God-given purpose, prayer is needed. To make power available, you just have to pray. Prayer is linked with power. If you want to get things done or make things work then you have to be a person that loves to pray. If you hate losing, then love praying.

When Jesus was praying on the Mount of Olives concerning doing God’s will on earth. He prayed to a point that His sweat was like drops as blood. God did not say, since you are my son, you do not need to pray. Rather angels came to strengthen Him (Luke 22:41-44).

Jesus prayed His way to the cross. His sacrifice saved us. Look at Elijah who prayed for hours so that water would be made available around the whole world. He prayed until he saw clouds. He ended world famine by praying. People lives including our families are resting heavily on the shoulders of our prayer life. It is our responsibility to pray so that God’s ability is seen firsthand.

Responsibility of Prayer

All of God’s resources are available to us. It is by prayer we make good use of God’s resources in us. Like your money in the bank, you can access it with your ATM card. Complaining about the colour or the beauty of the ATM card is not what matters. What matters is that you can put the card in an ATM and withdraw your money. So complaining about life issues is evidence that you have not been praying.

Philippians 4:6 tells us to pray rather than be anxious. If you pray then you won’t worry. If you worry then you are not praying enough. To be anxious means you are uncertain about things. Then pray to bring certainty to whatever issues you need to address. If you keep on worrying you will be stuck. But if you keep on praying you will soar.

Some people complain while others take charge. Where you fall lies solely on your devotion to God. Devotion is a thing of emotion. It is a thing of intimacy. It is about just you and God. Jesus spent more time alone with God in prayer than group prayer. Luke 5:16 Shows us that our time of solitude must be more than our time with multitudes. Praying more in church than you do at home is not going to help you win battles. It just shows how casual you are taking life. A casual attitude will bring casualties along your way.

If things are not going well, it is your fault. Take responsibility and pray. It is strange when you tell a believer to pray and the person is shy about it. That means you do not pray on your own. The more you pray the bolder you become. Scripture says, Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” (Hebrews 4:16). As you pray you will become bolder. You will begin to make bold steps to obtain mercy and grace.

Set out time to pray. Jesus woke up a great while before the day to pray (Mark 1:35). God showed me a powerful truth here. When you wake up, when does your day start? When you know when your day starts, wake up long before then. If you start preparing to go to work by 4 am then your day starts at 4 am. If your daily house cleanup starts at 5 am, then your day starts at 5 am. Wake up a great while before then to pray. A great while could be an hour. By this, the day has been won over. Let’s keep winning by praying.

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Adunu Kelly Kaka
Adunu Kelly Kaka
3 years ago

Thanks sir 😁