If you want to take full control of your life then understanding that you are righteous is the answer. Why? It determines whether you reign in life or not. (Romans 5:17) A king reigns over his kingdom. A king also gets the best things out of life. If you want the best things in life then righteousness is necessary. A king knows that the best things in life are his right. Having the best lands in the kingdom is his right. Having the most beautiful wife in the kingdom is his right. Having the most treasures and riches is his right. That means he is not supposed to beg. David emphasized that in his lifetime he has never seen a righteous person or his seed begging. (Psalm 37:25). If your finances look like they are out of control then being a righteous person will give you back control.

If you knew something is your right, you won’t accept anything less. You will not quit easily. You see righteousness means right standing with God. If you have received Christ then you are righteous. That means that all of God’s best is available to you. Sickness is not God’s best. Not meeting your financial obligation is not God’s best. So the righteous see God’s best as their right and do not accept anything contrary to that. The righteous see symptoms of sickness and say no way! By Christ stripes, I am healed. I have divine health. When the righteous fall they get back up again because they know failure is not for them (Proverbs 24:16)

You are failure-proof. You need God’s righteousness more when you fall than at any other time. When you fail, receive God’s righteousness so that you can keep on reigning. The word “receive” in Romans 5:17 is not a one-time receive but continuous. Do you know why? God knows the devil will use everything to make you feel guilty especially when you miss it. If you do not receive it in your heart, you will keep on wallowing in guilt and regret. You will begin to run away from God. It is the devil using your mistakes to push you away from God and his best for you. God is not angry with you. When you were a sinner, Christ came to you. But now you are righteous, you think your mistakes will make God walk away from you? No! This righteousness is greater than sin. That is why those who believe it and continually stand on this truth reign in life.

It is not by behaving right that God then puts his righteousness on you. Nobody can work for righteousness. If you are already good then you do not need righteousness. Well if it is for the ungodly then I can go on sinning right? No! What I am saying is Christ died for your ungodliness and gave you his godliness. It came at a great price so that you can now live a great life. You can now walk in righteousness and holiness. Sin cannot dominate a righteous man because he is under grace (Romans 6:14-16). If you are still sinning and living an unholy life then you have not yielded yourself a servant to righteousness.

In the old covenant, people were declared righteous. In the new covenant, he has made us righteous. You are manufactured by God. Manufactured to succeed. When a physical product is made, a quality check is done to make sure it can do what it is created to do. If you buy a mobile phone and one of its attributes is being water-resistant, you won’t throw it into the water to check if what the company said is true. You will just use the product and the day it falls into water, you won’t be worried that it will get spoilt because it was built to survive an incident like that. We have a 100% guarantee from heaven that if we sin, we have an advocate (Romans 3:26). Remind yourself always in good and bad times I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus (2 Corinthians 5:21).

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