There are people who do not have physical legs and yet they travel to many parts of the World. Some people cannot speak yet their voices are heard all around the World. So also there are people without physical eyes and yet they see far better than those who have. You cannot see your destiny with physical eyes. It is a thing of the heart. The answer to many people’s challenge cannot be seen by mere observation. You need to be able to see beyond the physical. You need to be able to see what the masses cannot see so you can come out of the cycle of defeat.

2 Corinthians 4:18 shows us that “While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.” Looking at all the things around us with the physical eyes is exhausting. Seeing no jobs, ill health, failing businesses can take a lot out of you. If you keep seeing no jobs, how do you expect to get a job? If you keep looking at your body pains, one symptom or the other, how can you believe for a life that is above sickness and disease? Using your physical eyes to gauge your life is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

You have been looking at your bank account for years and yet you are still thinking “when I have enough money I will……..” You are never going to achieve it with that kind of mindset. You have looked at your body and you are happily telling your friends “This new drug I got is better than the last one. It carries me throughout the day. Does it carry you throughout the day? But you are not whole and you are still in pain. Am sorry, that is not the life Christ gave us.

What happened to the times when you would scream “I will be a billionaire or I cannot fall sick?” What happened to those visions? You have seen many people not living in God’s best and you have now accepted it as the norm. Managing life is not the norm for believer’s, reigning in life is our norm (Romans 5:17).

What you see with your eyes cannot handle what God has put in your heart. It has no foundation to carry you, therefore, cannot hold up your destiny. God’s word that holds up all things can hold up your destiny (Hebrews 1:3). Through the word of God, we consistently produce the blessings of God. The blessing is invisible but we see it in the word. Seeing the seen is seeing what the world wants you to see but seeing the unseen is seeing the blessings. How can Isaac see prosperity in a place of famine? God made him focus on the blessing.

When something is eternal, It cannot be broken by anything. It is there forever. Look at divine health, it means health sustained by the blessing of God. When you speak the blessing of God over your body, divine health manifest even when your body is telling you otherwise. Sickness cannot destroy eternal things. It can destroy your body which is not eternal but if you subject your body to eternal things, your body will break sickness leaving you in good health. When you subject your source of income to eternal things, losing your job will not equate to losing your source of livelihood for God is now your source.

David looked at Goliath and saw a defeated foe without a head. Goliath looked at David and saw a small boy. It is this mentality of “is a small thing” that is why some people are not making progress in life. You will hear people say, “It is just a small cold. It will soon go away.” “I drink very little alcohol, no big deal.” “Nobody is perfect, we all have our flaws.” “There are many people like me who are unemployed. That is how society is.”  That is how goliath lost. Stop tolerating the things that Christ once and for all sacrifice has defeated.

Seeing without eyes is looking at the blessing of God through God’s word and stamping it upon every aspect of our lives by faith. Anything that does not meet that stamp of approval is rejected.

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