Life is more than what you see, it is more than what you hear, it is more than taste and it is more than what you feel. There is a life that you can receive that when it is in you, it will covert sickness to health, poverty to riches. Purpose will be birthed in the midst of confusion and uncertainty. It is this life that Lazarus who was dead for four days tasted and he woke up. Jesus heard that Lazarus was dead. His ears accepted it. Jesus later saw that Lazarus was dead. His eyes accepted it. But his faith did not accept it because of who he is, the resurrection and the life (John 11:25).

You need to change the way you view life. Do not view life as just based on what you have. You will miss truly living. Life is not about what you have but who you have. It has been said that anyone who is about to die usually thinks about people close to him or her. Still people who think in those lines are still missing the vital point here. God said Life is being rich towards him (Luke 12:21). When our lives are immersed in the life giver, then we are truly living. You can carry this life and change lives wherever you go.

Now there are only two ways to live. We can either live by faith or we can live by sight.

2 Corinthians 5:7 (KJV)
7 For we walk BY FAITH, not BY SIGHT

As a believer, walking by faith is not optional. Without it, we cannot please him and experience his life (Hebrews 11:6). Living by sight is looking at all that you have, your money, your wife, your assets and weighing everything to see how you can work things out. When you do this, you have limited yourself to just what you have. “I will not get this job because I do not have a Master’s degree. I cannot get a car because I earn only 50,000 naira a month.” All that you believe you can and cannot do is based on what you have. So if your dream is far beyond what you have, all you will do is sleep and keep on dreaming.

While walking by sight focuses on what you have, walking by faith focuses of what Christ has. Faith looks beyond your salary, your investment, your certificates and focuses of Christ sacrifice. What gives a man the boldness to say “All my needs are met” and yet is in serious debt. But these words said day and night brought him out. He has seen something. Christ paying all his debt on the cross.

Our Five senses make us enjoy life but if left without a guide by default it moves us to our comfort zone. Naturally, people do not want to venture out to a place of  discomfort or high likelihood of failure. We need the super to direct our natural. When we say “supernatural” it means something super imposing itself over the natural. It is the super telling the natural what it ought to do and what it ought not to do.

Faith is supernatural and should be used to direct our senses. When the flesh says “Am tired, I do not feel like praying”. Faith will say “I received strength in my inner man to pray.”  Through Faith we take control of our bodies. Even when your mind says “I do not feel God’s presence”, Faith will bypass feelings by believing what the scriptures says, “God will never leave nor forsake me” (Hebrews 13:5). By faith we make the right decisions, directing our feelings to go where it ought to go.

Walking by sight is living in the five senses realm. If something good happens, you feel good and awesome but when something bad happens, all the feelings of sadness, regret and dissatisfaction falls upon you. When bad things happen, you begin to ask yourself “Why is this happening to me? Did I commit a sin that I deserve this? What is happening to me?” You are living by your feelings. Snap out of it. You are a person of faith.  If life could be marked over ten then living by five senses will give you 5/10. That is what life is going to give you, an average score. But we are not average people; we are not even human beings; we are new creature. “Am only human” should be scraped from our vocabulary. Faith is a determinate of how successful you are.

Matthew 9:29 (KJV)
29 Then touched he their eyes, saying, ACCORDING TO YOUR FAITH be it unto you.

The according here could also been seen as “depending on”. As a believer our job is to simply believe in the works that Jesus did on the cross. Jesus said “it is finished”. It is complete. Now that’s 10/10. Praise Jesus.

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