When the call for change comes and you answer “here I am,” it means that you are tired of the status quo. You do not need to have everything together, just a heart ready to pull out all that is in you to accomplish the task. A heart that is ready to get laughed at, criticized and even threatened but knows that the end will be full of joy unspeakable.

True change starts from the inside out. Those places in your life that seem dark. Those places that you have turned a blind eye to is where you are to start your revival. Someone who goes to the market to buy a bulb for his house means that there is a place he wants to illuminate. God has illuminated your entire life legally as you have received him. It is left for you to put on the switch. The power is there. You need open doors right? Then flip the switch so you can see great opportunities around you. For example, a lady who decides to deal with her anger issues, can open the door of marriage as well as open the door of promotion. All this night vigil of I need a husband will not be needed. Those things you are avoiding are those things you need to address.

Your friends have been saying you are too harsh and you just laugh about it. Yet you wonder why no one has proposed to you. You friends tell you, you are too slow and nonchalant. Yet you are angry why you cannot keep a job. You know what they said to you is true but you just brush it off. In the midst of many counsels, there is safety (Proverbs 11:14). If you do not listen to the advice in line with God’s word, you are living a dangerous life.

This is how you address these things that seem to weigh you down by remembering this. You are a new creature in Christ Jesus. This means that those things you think are still holding you down cannot anymore because that person does not exist anymore. You must be conscious that those habits are not your habits any more. Those dark areas in your life have been lighted up by God who lives in you. The way you walk and act now is empowered by the word of God not by what anyone else or any situation says. The excuse that you were born this way is gone for now you are born again by the word of God. (1 Peter 1:23). You cannot make it in life with who you were, that is why God turned you to another man by coming to abide inside of you. The new birth brings new life. This new life births the good life.

 Choose to be different wherever you are. With this kind of attitude, you will fulfil destiny. “Oh, the road is not easy” you may say. I know. If it was, many people will not have purpose issues. Many people will not settle for an average life. Remember John, the voice crying out in the wilderness (John 1:23), nobody wants to go to the wilderness. There is a lot of trouble there. But Jesus would not have come if he did not go there.

There is less trouble in your 9 to 5 job. There is less trouble in not joining politics to be a nation builder. But you have been shouting “things need to change.” You have been shouting “What is my purpose?” If you put your heart to genuinely say “Here I am Lord” then God will accomplish great things through you. If you do not then the devil will keep on deceiving you. He will tell you things are hard. He will tell you things will never change. All lies of course. Things look hard at first but remember this truth “Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard for me?” (Jeremiah 32:27). What this means is this: look at the hand of God in many people’s lives, was it hard for me to make them great. Look at bible characters, look at people in your city, look at people on TV who have a heart for God, Was it hard for God to make them a success? The answer is NO. So it is not about will I succeed, but rather an assurance that you will succeed.

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