It’s amazing that scripture equated victory with speaking. Scripture tells us to shout to the lord with a voice of Triumph (Psalm 47:1). Nobody has ever said when I grow up I want to be like Goliath rather most people say when I grow up I want to be like David. Everybody wants to succeed. I want to succeed and you want to as well.

There is a quote I like, the shouting side is the winning side. When a team is losing, observe the fans, you will notice that some are quiet, some are complaining and some are angry. You will never see such an attitude with those on the winning side. The fans are loud, happy, and joyful. You cannot behave like the losing side and be saying I have victory. You are lying to yourself. 

One key attribute of the successful is they are courageous with their words. David and Goliath were in a battle of words first before anyone struck a blow. The battle of words is a battle of the mind. The only difference between them is with words, you are taking the fight outside. When you tell someone let’s take the fight outside, it is basically showing you are serious and you do not want anything holding you back. If you win in your mind, your words will produce that reality. 

Goliath tried to take charge of the battle by starting off with what he will do to David but he countered it with words devoted to what God can do through him (1 Samuel 17:43-47). David’s victory was flawless. Check your words. Can 80% of your words in a day be equated with success? If you are not sure then that has to change.

How you speak can be the difference between victory and defeat. The ten spies out of the twelve sent out to check the land of Canaan brought a negative report that they are not able to overcome the people of the land (Numbers 13:31). Such words are for losers. That is why they all died in the wilderness. Caleb and Joshua were the only ones that said something different. Caleb said we are well able (Numbers 13:30). They spoke like champions and were given a champion’s reward.


Just as living things can speak, non living things can speak as well. It may not be audible just like when Jesus responded to the fig tree. The fig tree was not audible but it had a voice. It spoke. Your body has a voice. We call it body language. Just by looking at someone you can tell if the person is angry or happy. 

You can look at your bank account statement and someone can ask you what’s it say? Everything speaks. If something can speak then it can be spoken to. What matters most is what are you speaking? You speak every day and every day something or someone is speaking back. If you react to the voices of gloom and doom, you are done for. Things are going to be really bad for you. If you react with words of triumph, things will work out for you.

You Have A Voice

There are people who are influential in society. They call them people who have a voice. When they speak, people are moving up and down to make sure that what they say happens. You can speak and angels are moving up and down to make your words come to pass. Build up your voice.

Even Demons should listen to you. They trembled at the presence of Jesus knowing that once he speaks it’s all over for them. Your life has been going haywire because you are not controlling what you say. What you say really matters. I know you have heard it a lot of times but you need to actually do something about it.

Look at Samuel, none of his words fell to the ground (1 Samuel 3:19). Look at God, none of His words returned to him void. You are a child of God. Like Father, like son. What great news. Because of the cross, we are not speaking for what has to be done, we are speaking from what has been done. We are acknowledging what God has done. That is what makes faith so effective (Philemon 1:6).

You are to live from health. This means you have health. If you have health then sickness has to go. That is what it means to live from victory. I am born from heaven. So I live from above. I live from perfection. When I live from perfection, it perfects everything that concerns me. 


The voice of Triumph is the voice of the cross. Where did we get the victory from? It was at the cross where Jesus triumphed over everything against us (Colossians 2:13-15). So if our victory came from the cross, then the voice of Triumph is speaking what Jesus sacrifice gave us.Christ gave me health therefore I speak health. Christ gave me prosperity so I speak wealth. He gave me deliverance so I speak freedom. We should speak these truths every day, not when you feel like it.  

In Zechariah 4:7, a whole mountain moved out of place just by speaking grace to it. So the things you think are immoveable are moved by speaking grace to them. If you want to keep walking without hindrance then you need to keep speaking grace to the mountain of sickness, grace to the mountain of fear, and grace to the mountains that stands against you. If you move your mouth in the right direction, your life will head in that direction.

Victory Is Not Democratic

The disciples when they spoke they were not democratic with their words, they spoke with a dominating voice. They spoke to legs that could not walk for years to start functioning. Dead bodies got up at the sound of their voice. They never held back. The government told them to shut up. They said why should we listen to you, we will rather obey God (Acts 5:29). This kind of boldness kisses the average life goodbye.


Your words matter but the source of your words is from your heart. That is why you cannot change mechanically what you say. It is like changing the head of your tap and you expect the water to change as well. You have to change it from the source. The source is your heart. That is where you start from. What is in your heart is what you are going to speak (Luke 6:45).

Your Victory Is In The Filling

Fill your heart with good things and your mouth will be empowered to produce good things. God saw all that he created and saw that it was good. He used His mouth to create everything. The detoriation of the earth by sin started from the mouth. Sin entered into the world through eating a fruit while righteousness entered the world through bread and wine. The bread is a sign of Jesus’s body and the wine is a sign of His blood.

When Jesus died on the cross he shouted it is finished. If sickness has been finished then we can speak health. Even poverty has been dealt so speak prosperity. If anything related to sin has been done away with then we have the right to speak righteousness and live it out. Whatever is too heavy for you to say means that you have not enlarged your heart to carry it.

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