There are people in their heart silently asking themselves “Lord concerning this thing am doing, is it your will?” This is a good question but the question may be birthed out of fear or ignorance. Out of failure because they believe that if it is not God’s will, we will fail and out of ignorance because they do not understand Gods will. Good news is that God does not bring confusion, he brings direction and purpose. You do not come into the body of Christ confused and still stay confused. You are already on the perfect path of righteousness, how can we get lost. It is the unbelievers that are lost. That is why they are called lost souls.

When you become saved, you have the mind of Christ. To have the mind of Christ means that you can know God’s perfect will for your life. We have the capacity to understand what the will of the Lord is because our spirit is regenerated (Ephesians 5:17). It is God’s will that you understand his will. He desires you to understand it more than you do. Your wellbeing, good marriage, success, helping millions of lives lies in understanding God’s will for your life. There is peoples greatness that is tied to you.

So how do we understand God’s will? Simply grab a bible, open it and read it. It is in there. You do not have to do guesswork. You do not have to be frustrated anymore.  When you read, the Spirit of God will at times grab hold of a scripture. You will feel like meditating on it, studying and praying with it. Do so and God will speak through His word. This is the number one way through which we know God’s will and that is by his word. As you begin to value the word of God, the desires you have in your heart to do certain things will come up. It has been put there by God. Go ahead and begin to chase them. You do not have to jump directly into it. You can take very small steps first then more boldness will come to take bigger ones.

When you get a hold of this truth, you won’t be praying “If it is your will Lord, I will enter that university” or If it is your will Lord, I will get that job”. This kind of a prayer is a prayer of unbelief. When Jesus prayed like this in Luke 22:42, he knew what Gods will was for him. He knew he had to die for the sins of the world. Jesus was asking for some other way to fulfill God’s will though still committed to what his father wanted. People have misrepresented this scripture and have lost a lot of things that God has for them. They are operating in doubt. The devil does not even have to fight you. Your doubt has done the job.

Jesus never met someone and said, “if it be thy will Lord, heal this person.” Rather he healed them. Where the will of God is known, there will be the manifestation of the blessings of God. There is no “if” in the will of God. There is only yes and amen (2 Corinthians 1:20). We are not out there shouting “Lord prosper me” and God is saying “I will think about it”. No! God is saying “Yes, my will is that you may prosper.” In fact, if you had seen this in scripture, you won’t even be shouting “Lord prosper me” rather you will be shouting “I am prosperous in Jesus name.”

God cannot lie and cannot change. All these things are Cleary written in the scriptures. When you do not understand this, circumstances will begin to give you direction. When you will have two job offers and one is paying 3 times more, if you follow the higher paying job just because of the money then mammon is giving you direction.  That is not wise. Rather let us delight ourselves in the Lord and as we do so ideas, thoughts and desires will begin to form (Psalm 37:4). Those desires are God’s desire. You may think it is your own but it is God that put it there. When you check scriptures, you will see that it is not contrary to what God has said in his word. If it is contrary then it is not God’s will for you.

When your heart is in the right place, you will not reach a dead end. Opportunities will open up for those desires to have expressions. Stop waiting for the sky to write your name or a vision to show you what to do.  You have put God’s kingdom first, the desire to accomplish your purpose on earth has been added (Matthew 6:33). Start for God is with you.


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5 years ago

“God does not bring confusion, he brings direction and purpose.” so true! God’s will for His children is that we prosper and be in good health. He wants us to fulfill purpose and enjoy His blessings!