If you want to live free then you have got to be real. To be real to most people is about telling someone the truth about a situation like let me be real with you, I do not have the money you are asking for, or let me be real with you, this thing will not work. I am not talking about the situation around you, I am talking about the impressions inside of you.

To be real means addressing those pictures God has put in your spirit. It is addressing issues of the spirit, not issues of the body. It is addressing issues of lending to nations, not issues of little money in your wallet. It is about addressing the issue of purpose not the issue of job, car, or house.

All God Wants You To Be

Do you want to be all God wants you to be? That’s being real. The average believer is focusing on having rather than being. Their focus is on a big house and big cars. Why not big dreams? God put it in your heart for a reason. That is why you are here on this earth. Do not forget that. God poured all of himself inside of you, not to enrich your life but to be valuable (John 1:16).

Using the faith of the Son of God just on yourself is a waste. Jesus called worrying over what you shall eat or drink a lack of faith. You are not using your faith well. The faith walk is kingdom work (Matthew 6:30-33). The two greatest enemies to being real are the people around you and the problems in front of you. King Saul would have been a great king. We would have been reading the Psalms of Saul but he decided to please men rather than please God.

Be Real, Not Right

Are you not tired of trying to be right all the time? Fighting over your doctrine being more right than your Christian neighbour yet there is another neighbour needing a touch from God. Stop trying to be right, be real. The world needs real men and women who do not care how they sound or how they look, what matter to them is being the hand and feet of God.

We are not suppose to be looking for revival, “10 keys to be blessed conference or 7 keys to good health”, we are revival. To be real means having the strength and courage to focus on what really matters and draw out the answer. It is being right when it matters. To be real means being obedient to the call.

Be Obedient To The Call

If you give yourself wholly to what God has put on the inside of you, many will look for you (1 Timothy 4:15). Your value and worth will be seen. This is a timely truth for you. Of course people are going to call you crazy, they are also going to hate you and yet you have not even given 100 percent.

People who please men cannot walk in God’s good pleasure and if you are not walking in God’s good pleasure, you are not achieving your purpose here on earth. Paul talked about his life in Christ and king Festus called him crazy (Acts 26:24). He did not even want to be like the Kings, he wanted Festus and Agrippa, to be like him.

What about Joseph who gave his all in whatever he did. The out come was hatred from his brothers, then hatred from his employer’s wife. People will hate you now because your action are not blessing them but soon just like Joseph’s brother, they will receive the favour of the king and thank God for you. Give yourself wholly to your dream.

Be Opened To Correction.

Secondly, be open to correction. When you make a mistake stop dwelling on it, stop swimming in it; and stop sleeping with it. Just stop giving it reasons to stay. We are not to dwell on our mistakes, we are rather to rest in the forgiveness of God. The two dangers that have wrecked many believers are guilt and bitterness. Guilt imprisons you, bitterness poisons you but the cure to both is forgiveness.

People will say and do things that will hurt you. You as well will do things you never expected to do. Peter swore he will never deny Jesus but he did. He almost decided to quit ministry but Jesus came and encouraged him. I am encouraging you right now to keep moving. Do you know how many people received Christ through Peter? Just one message and 3000 people received Christ (Acts 2:41).

You have made mistakes, tell God sorry and move on. Say to yourself my sins are forgiven and forge ahead. Paul the apostle before meeting Christ killed Christians yet that did not stop him from the work God put in his heart. I mean people talked definitely. Nobody wanted anything to do with him based on his past but he did not care and soon they did not care. Take corrections, stop arguing with people on the stands, and focus on your job at centre stage.

Be Overflowing With Courage.

The third aspect of being real is being courageous. The opposite of conforming is courage. It takes courage to say I will do this and not allow the strangeness of the task or the eyes of others to drag you down. The disciples after being threatened by religious leaders, I thought would have prayed for an easier life or their leaders’ head. Instead, they prayed for boldness (Acts 2:21, 29, 31). You are wishing things were easier, God won’t answer you. Pray and work on being better and stronger.

The Problems itself does not become easier. You will have persecution and tribulations but be glad and courageous that the overcoming power in Christ Jesus, is in you (John 16:33).
Gideon complained about what the Midianites had done and the angel of the Lord said, go in this might of yours (Judges 6:14-16). You should never question your ability to succeed once you have settled in your heart, God is with you. Go in the might of Jehovah.

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