When Hard Work Is Not Paying

There are times you have done everything possible to make something work but it seems like it is a pointless effort. You have applied countless times for jobs. Not even one interview. It is like the statement hard work pays off is a big fat lie.

Hard work pays. But what pays more is what that Hardwork is standing on. Hard work will never produce great things if it standing on its own. Hard work does not deal with life problems. Pressures of life will make you work hard and make that work seem useless if you do not know how to deal with it.

Simon was a professional fisherman for years yet on a very particular day nothing seemed to work. He and this partners could not catch any fish. Then Jesus came with no experience in fishing and told him to try again. They did and they caught a lot of fish.

There is a lot of pressure that life gives to you. You must carry that pressure and put it where it can work for you. Put all that pressure on God’s word. People pressed upon Jesus to hear the word of God (Luke 5:1). Simon was part of these people. That is why when Jesus spoke he obeyed. He took all that toiling all night and put it on God’s word immediately there was an answer.

Put pressure on the word, it will produce for you. You have taken all kinds of drugs. You have done all kinds of exercise yet you are still sick. Put pressure on the word, it will produce healing for you. Have you seen healing in the word? When you read scriptures on it, keep saying it. That is applying pressure with your words. Act out the word. That is applying pressure with your body.

There are postures you can take with your body that shows you have given up. Don’t do that. Take a posture that shows it is already done. You are putting hard work in the right place. If you know it will always produce, you will never give up. Do not give up on the word. It is the word of God not the word of man.

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Adunu Kelly kaka
Adunu Kelly kaka
2 years ago

Thank you very much sir. I enjoyed the message.