Imagine someone driving to work and the person receives a call that something bad happened to his wife. What do you think the person will do? Probably turn the car around and head straight to where his wife is.

Bad things happen in life and when they do, what are you going to do about it? Will you cry or will you fight? Will you stand in faith or will you sit in fear? The Holy Spirit showed Paul, all the hardships that await him in Jerusalem. That did not move him to turn around. What moved him was a person, the Lord Jesus (Acts 20:23-24).

Who moves you? All your family members believe you are a failure. Are you moved by what they say and accept defeat or you are moved by the one who loves you calls you an overcomer? The three Hebrews boys saw the fire and were not moved by it. David saw Goliath and was not moved by him. What moved them was the truth of God being with them.

You want to pray, your body says I am tired. Are you moved by that or moved by the calling of spirit in you that is saying, pray? There is always pulling from both sides. One towards failure and one towards success (Galatians 5:17).

Whatever you feed on is how you will act. If you keep feeding your worries, you will act in fear and live a tormented life. If you feed on God’s word, you will act in faith and live the good life. Who should move you is God and his kingdom (Matthew 6:33). Clothes, money, cars or houses should not be your primary motivation. If you are moved by creation you will fade away but if moved by the creator, glory awaits. Switch from what drives you to who drives you.

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Adunu Kelly kaka
Adunu Kelly kaka
1 year ago

Thank you sir! God is my driver (He is the one that takes control over everything I do).