Word Manifestation By Meditation

Your heart is built to manufacture spiritual truth not to just memorise them. Some people have memorised scriptures and yet are still failures because they put it in their head and not in their heart. Learning to move the words written in the bible to your heart is the key to your success.

The main work is putting God’s word in your heart …for out of it are the issues of life (Proverbs 4:23). It is with your heart that you can move mountains. (Mark 11:23). If you want to produce thirty, sixty or a hundredfold, it is by making your heart a good ground for the seed of God’s word to grow (Mark 4:20)

One vital way of putting the word in your heart is by meditation. Without meditation, there will be no manifestation. This is where the work is. Meditation is like an assembly line, you need to go through three levels for the word to produce for you.


The 1st level of meditation is to ponder. It means “to consider carefully,” or “to weigh mentally.” We are mental beings. We are always thinking about something. Not only that, but our thinking must go through something. As believers, our thinking must go through the word. So we can say that to ponder is to think through the word.

Most believers do not think through God’s word. Some do but once in a while. The result they get today is gone tomorrow. You cannot sustain anything good that way. Some people think through poverty. Whatever they think about doing, it always ends with “I do not have enough.” That is why anything they do is never enough. Some people think through fear. They think more about why it will not work. That is why they never do anything. 

Thinking through the word deals with poverty, sickness, fear or anything else in such fashion. When you think through the word, you cannot accommodate anything contrary to it. What you think about is what you become (Proverbs 23:7). Do you want to be successful? Then think through the word.


The 2nd level of meditation is to mutter. To mutter means to speak things quietly or under your breath. It also means speaking to yourself. The power is in speaking to yourself under your breathe regardless of whether people are present to hear you. Most people think the best time to speak God’s word is when the Goliath comes. No. You are supposed to be speaking God’s word to yourself before the battle.

The battle is won first in your heart. It is speaking to yourself health continually before any symptom of sickness comes. When symptoms come, you have already destroyed its power long before it comes. The only way you can speak God’s word day and night is through muttering. You can do it anywhere because you are speaking to yourself and not to others. It is by this your way is made prosperous and you shall have success (Joshua 1:8)

Speaking to yourself I am blessed continually is more powerful than the whole world saying you are cursed. Speaking to yourself makes the word personal to you. It is no longer scriptures written many years ago. It is now your reality.

Without speaking, meditation is not complete. Meditation goes beyond just thinking. You have to speak it. Joshua 1:8 made it clear that it should …not depart out of your mouth… It did not say it should not depart out of your mind. So meditation in the body of Christ is more speaking exercise than thinking exercise.


The 3rd level of meditation is to roar. The Hebrew meaning of meditation also means to roar. It means to speak loudly and boldly, silencing every voice that is against you. In Isaiah 31:4, the lion refused to give up its prey despite being outnumbered and surrounded. The scripture says: “he will not be afraid of their voice, nor abase himself for the noise of them.” When we roar God’s word, we are taking care of fear and doubt. It removes focus on self and enforces focus on God’s word.

Meditation involves not just pondering but muttering and roaring. The combination of all makes the word produce for you always and at all times. In Jesus name.

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Adunu Kelly Kaka
Adunu Kelly Kaka
3 years ago

Amen sir

3 years ago

Thank you so much for the insight and revelation shared.
I will endeavour to put them into practice.
Am grateful Sir.