Your life is to be one of service not one of selfishness

Peter and John met a lame man at the temple gate called beautiful. The lame man begged them for money but they did not have. So they offered him something better. Peter said “…In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk” (Acts 3:6 NKJV). He stood up and walked. This was way better than money. Believers have the power of God to serve any generation they are in.  This power is looking for every avenue to express itself.

What is inside of us is more important than what is inside our pocket.  In fact, what is inside of us is what fills our pocket and heals our body. The systems of this world are forcing people to think based on what they have. If you have no money in your account, according to the world, you are broke. That’s the world system for you. But the Kingdom of God is based on who you are. What you have is temporal but who you are is eternal. Even when there is no money in your account, if you know who you are, forces will begin to move on your behalf. Your situation changes as your understanding of who you becomes clearer.

If you are trusting anything other than Christ then you are focusing on self. In other words, you are being selfish. Do not focus on what you can get from the world. Focus on what you can give to it. It is people of value that are making the world a better place. Jesus did not come to be served but to serve (Mark 10:45 NKJV). His disciples told Him “…All men seek for thee” (Mark 1: 37 KJV). All men mean not just sick people but anyone who has a problem. The power of God is to serve and not for self.

If you want more miracles, then help others. Put yourself in the position of being a solution. Do not be afraid of failure. They laughed Jesus to scorn when He came to raise the girl from the dead (Matthew 9:24 NKJV). Yet, he did not turn away. He focused on the task at hand. Nothing else mattered.  People will laugh at you too. But that should not affect you. Be more concerned with helping lives than what others think.

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Ezekiel Opoto
Ezekiel Opoto
2 years ago

It reminds me that we were saved for service. I believe that purpose is geared towards helping humanity for without people what is the need for purpose. Our love for God is seen in our service to God’s greatest asset- people.

Thanks Pst Fubara for this beautifully written but instructive piece.

Adunu Kelly kaka
Adunu Kelly kaka
2 years ago