I have observed that there are people who keep on waiting for the perfect moment to do something. They want their emotions, the environment and everything to fit perfectly before they do what needs to be done. This is how procrastination starts and at the end of it, failure awaits.

This Is Your Day

Average men wait for everything to be perfect before acting while great men act in the midst of inconveniences. Everything will never line up to your perfection for you to act. If it did, you won’t need faith. The stars are not going to spell out your name telling you to go. It won’t happen. Now is the time to get things done. The night is far spent, the day is at hand (Romans 13:12a). This is your day to make it a great day. Look at David in the Bible, his father gave him food to give to his brothers as well as the captains at the battleground. It was that same day that he killed Goliath and cut off his head. Great men rise up to opportunities that show up. It may have been a big inconvenience for David but he fought and gained victory. Stop waiting for all the dots to connect. You take the pen of responsibility and connect the dots.

Cast Out the Darkness

Those who keep on waiting on God will keep on sitting in the dark. Deal with the darkness. Darkness is dealt with by using light. You use light to cast out the darkness. We are to cast out the darkness by putting on the armour of light (Romans 13:12). A soldier is trained for war. We are trained to show God’s glory. A soldier will fight to protect his country whether on the ground, on the sea or in the air. Our battleground is not a physical territory. Our mind is the battleground. Based on this, whatever reasoning that does not align with the light of God’s word should be cast off. That means that it should be gotten rid of. Those reasons that make you accept that you cannot be rich, healed or delivered should be gotten rid of. Jesus told a woman of Canaan that healing is not for her. She did not accept what he said. Jesus is God’s voice on earth and yet the lady refused to accept His answer (Matthew 15:22-28). She refused to accept sickness. This is the attitude we need in the body of Christ. She had seen Jesus healing people or she had heard of Jesus exploits. She knew it was God’s will. She wanted it and she got it. Blind Bartimaeus wanted sight and he got it. Many people tried to silence him but he refused to stay in the dark (Mark 10:46-52). He wanted light, he wanted to see. Don’t you want to see? Many people are ok with walking in the dark. Not we believers. We are light. We hate darkness. Light naturally hates darkness. Cast out the darkness.

Bring Forth The Light

Immerse yourself in God’s word. Let it create new pictures in your heart. Let it create “all things are possible” in your heart. Let it create “I can be the head and not the tail.” Let it create “I have the spirit of excellence”. Allow God’s word to do that in you. Stop interpreting the scriptures with your experiences. See it for what it is and it will change your experiences. There are people who will say, Everyone cannot be the head. Someone has to be tail. The Bible says you shall be the head. That’s right it says ‘you’ not others. If you do not accept it as you then you will be the tail. Let God’s word flow. Do not be a dam to God’s power with your wrong thinking. Allow the light of God’s word show you how to live the glorious life and embrace that life.

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