You are blessed from the crown of your head to the sole of your feet. You are so blessed that you do not need to seek victory you have it already. If you just bought a new car, how do you show people the new car you just got? You take it out for a drive. You drive to work. You drive it to visit friends and family. Same thing we do with the victory. You want to show people that you have it? Then you have to enforce it. You are not supposed to be trying to get God to give you something. You are to work out the blessings that God has already given. He gave you everything when you received Christ into your life. Everything includes health. You are not supposed to be trying to get well. You are rather to work out the health you have already been given. We are not out there shouting, Father bless me today. Father pour out your blessings mightily on me. No! He has already poured out his blessings already on us.

Philemon 1:6 talks about good things being inside of us. There are great things inside of you. That is why you should never speak or act from a place of fear. My wife wants a divorce. I know it is over. Does that sound like something good?  As the blessed of the Lord, you end divorce, not divorce ending you. We have love inside of us to quench any excuse for a divorce. Whatever problem we face, the solution is in Christ who is in you. The good things this scripture is talking about are for those who are with Christ. Faith brings out the good things inside of us while fear attracts the bad things outside of us. Why accept failure when God did not give it to you? The more we see what we have been given, the angrier we will become when we see anything that falls short of it in our life. This is why those who are fed up with their lives are the ones that come out of mediocrity and become outstanding. The world’s pressure cannot suppress a blessed man.

Those who believe from a position we have been blessed with everything we need will definitely see more victories. They believe that they have been given health to fight off sickness, joy to fight off sorrow and love to fight off any hate. Those who believe this, have many testimonies in their lives to show. If more of the stories in your life is problems, problems and more problems then you need to go to word and see what Christ has done in you. We have to respond to what Christ has already done. We have to act like we are already blessed because we are.

We are not to chase the blessings even if you are Usain Bolt. If you chase a flock of chickens, they will run away from you but if you put seeds in your hand, they will run to you. You have attracted the blessings of God because you have Christ inside of you. When we receive Christ by faith, we receive the blessings of God. Through this same faith, we allow the blessings to possess us. We are to walk in the truth that we are blessed.

The way the blessings work is different from curses. For example, if someone is possessed with a spirit of blindness, the person will be blind. The spirit does not need your permission to oppress or afflict you. That is why it is called oppression. If you are possessed with the blessings of God, though you are already blessed, you won’t see it without an agreement. You have to accept that you are blessed to see it. God is not going to force it on you. If you wanted to lift somebody up from the ground, you will need the person cooperation to maybe stretch out his hand to pull him up. But if you wanted to put someone down, you do need the person cooperation. Just push him down. The blessings will show up when you take up the responsibility to agree with God’s word.

Jacob wrestled with God for hours trying to get the blessings from him. We do not try to wrestle the blessings out of God. God knew that you cannot get the blessings through struggling and so he touched his hip socket and put it out of place so that he will not struggle. Stop struggling for the blessings. It is in you. Let it flow out by agreeing with God’s word. Jacob agreed with what God said over him and he was blessed (Genesis 32:28). Do the same and you will be blessed.

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