Do you know in war, defending a position is easier than taking a new one? If where you are defending is an elevated area, you are at an advantage. When God says, we are seated in heavenly places in Christ; we are in a place of victory (Ephesians 2:6). We are on top, the devil is down. We have the advantage. We are to defend what Christ has done for us. The devil has no say in your life. Christ has worked out health for you on the cross. Do not allow the devil to take that away from you. Christ has worked prosperity for you. Do not accept poverty from the devil. Do not accept what is not yours.

Ephesians 1:1-3 clearly shows that God has blessed us with all spiritual blessing. The phrase “who hath blessed us” is past tense which means that there was a point in time the blessings were given to us. It means that it has already been done. So if we have already been blessed, then why do some believers keep asking God to bless them? If you already know that you are the blessed of the Lord, would you still be asking? Would you still be seeking God’s blessings? You are asking God, Lord, please come down and heal me. According to 1 Peter 2:24 he has done it already. The key problem most people face is that they believe God has not given. When they later learn that they already got it, the next thing they need to learn is the aspect of receiving it.

When it comes to receiving, you must agree to the truth that God has already provided. Receiving is all about agreeing with what the word of God has said. You look at what Christ has done and you agree that he did it for you. You accept as true and as the most real thing in your life. For example, praying, Father, we ask that you go with us today is not accurate. It shows that we have not agreed with his word. Scriptures say that he will never leave us (Hebrews 13:5). Which means that we agree with God’s word by saying, Father, we thank you, according to your word that you will never leave us. Thank you for being here with us now. We walk in your protection now. We believe it. This is the right way to pray. We receive when we agree with what God’s word says.

If you walk according to your senses, you will have a hard time receiving from God. I just cannot feel God in this place. God is not a feeling. You are to believe what he has said and not just wait for a feeling. If God says, I am with you, believe it. For example, we have radio signals or television signals all around us. Just because you cannot feel it does not mean it is not there. So how do you prove that it is there? You simply get a radio and tune in the station. If the receiver has a problem, you won’t be able to get any station.

God is transmitting 24/7, so start receiving. The health that you need has been provided but you have to consciously receive it. That is where the work is. We receive from God with ease when we renew our minds to the word of God. Renewing of the mind emphasis is on knowing what Christ has done for you. When you know what you have, it becomes easier to show it to the world. If you have $500 in your wallet, would you have doubts about buying a one dollar drink? Of course, you won’t. You have enough money. That is what renewing of the mind is. Getting to the point where there is no doubt in your heart that you have what God says you have. Consciously deal with wrong thoughts and doubts that can hinder you receiving from God.                        

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